“Orbis non sufficit ad hominem qui faber est suae quisque fortunae” - This Latin phrase literally means that the world is not enough for a man who is the master of his fortune. In other words, the determination to be more than one can be is the ‘filter’ that separates the diamonds from the glass and the pyrites from the gold and is the ‘secret’ why some men become wealthy while the others do not.

Sri Balaji Society feels proud to have such a diamond amidst itself which has reached for the sky. Abhishek Bhatnagar, a student of Marketing, 2018-20 batch, at BIMM, is one such student who has literally lived the clarion call of the Society, ‘to seize the opportunity and be more than one can be’. A student of astrophysics, following his interest into Astrophysics and Aerospace technologies, Abhishek started his research into orbital stabilization of satellites, in the year 2011. He designed a useful and more practical way for the stabilization and positional re-orientation’ of satellites launched in space, by space launch vehicles. The purpose of this research was to develop a means to enable the satellite to focus its emissions into a single focal point on demand.  Abhishek’s hypothesis was proven correct and he developed a set of equations, wherein the above can be made possible, economically by ground and space-based Satellite command and control stations and orbiting units.

Abhishek’s research got the attention of Ooredoo QSC, an international telecommunications company headquartered at Doha, Qatar in the year 2014 who initiated a few meetings with him to discuss the possible development of an economical means of efficient communication and information transfer technology for them.

Further, Abhishek’s efforts were also recognized by the Indian Space Research Organization (ISRO) which offered him a chance to work for the development of India’s efforts in space research following an analysis of the research done by him. The Government of India has also appreciated his work.

The prodigy’s research efforts into this area have also received attention from the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA), the space research agency of the United States of America, who expressed an interest in working with him.

He has also been a part of an Indo-US joint venture project into the development of a possible method for the development of secure communication means and technology for VVIP Aircraft wherein he got a chance to work with several senior scientists and researchers of both countries. Further, he has also added another feather in his cap by representing India in the 2017-18 Intelligence Run contest, which is a sort of a ‘research decathlon’ like a contest, conducted by NASA, wherein he acquired the 10th position in the world.

Abhishek truly stands tall today as a prodigy who made a name for himself in the world and won laurels and accolades for his country. Sri Balaji Society feels proud to have a student of such caliber as Abhishek and expresses its support and best wishes for him to march forward on the road of progress into the future that lies ahead.