BCCM Bhubaneswar

Maj. General Basant Kumar Mahapatra , as an Combat Officer in the Armoured Corps (Tanks), in Indian Army , had the honour of wearing the army uniform for 40 years. During this period , he actively took part in four wars, the 1961 Goa liberation , 1962 war with China , 1965 fierce Patton Tank battle in Khemkaran, Punjab against Pakistan , and in the 1971 war with Pakistan leading in capture of large Pakistani territory in Mumdot Bulge and Sehjra. Acknowledging his contributions to the Defense services, the President of India conferred on him the most prestigious Ati Vishisht Seva Medal (AVSM). After his superannuation from Defense Services, General Mahapatra , presently is managing reputed education sectors like Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan Centre for Communication and Management (BCCM), Bhubanaswar , four DAV- Schools in Cuttack and Tangi besides, being President of India’s nominee in the Executive Council of Allahabad University (Central University), and visiting Professor in Lucknow, Allahabad and Banaras Hindu University. Besides this , General Mohapatra is the Vice President of Think Tank foundation , Odisha , Chief Advisor to Swabhiman- an organization for Divyangs, and many orphanages & old age homes.

Experience in the field of education has given me immense and enriching exposure to various verticals

My immense exposure in the field of education varies from the training and teaching assignments in several Defense institutes, managing the intricacies of Management College, in the executive council and visiting professors of several reputed universities and rich experience in managing reputed schools. Thus, a versatile experience to manage all verticals in the education sector and simultaneously learning from all stakeholders.

A leader should groom and train people to be a good human being with character and truthfulness

I firmly believe in the concept of Bhagwat Gita, especially “Niskama- Karma”. Do your duty to the best of your ability,without expecting the outcome. Moreover, a leader has to make himself competent and deserving by earning the trust of the people. This is the motto we learned and practiced in the army for 40 years, then another 30 years in the Civil Society. Secondly, an enlightened true leader should be a good human being with character. He must be truthful, responsible and finally, an Inspiring Leader. Additionally, a leader delivers timely decisions and accepts responsibility keeping in mind the higher GOAL.

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One of the biggest challenges was to set-up the institute and find funding opportunities

One of my biggest challenges was to start an MBA institution from scratch. Further, there were tremendous financial constraints. However, in a short period of time, with strong determination and with the help of experienced professionals and well wishers we successfully overcome the hurdle. Since then, Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan Centre for Communication and Management (BCCM), Bhubaneswar has moved forward. Every day is challenging for us. On my part, being the Chairman and heading the organization, I motivate all my subordinate officers and support staff by being free, frank, and truthful. I always encourage people to voice their opinions and views without fear. I acknowledge that all members have ideas, imaginations, visions, and rich experiences.

We seek guidance from the sister institutes and senior resource executive working in various industries

In BCCM, we have designed our course curriculum by reviewing courses followed in Bhartiya Vidya Bhavan’s other reputed sister colleges (like S.P.Jain Institute of Research, and Management, M.P.Birla Institute of Management, Rajendra Prasad Institute of Management to name a few) and IIMs. Further, senior executives from industries and eminent personalities from various sectors are also inducted in our Board , Academic Council, to guide and give required thrusts to follow best practices followed in Industry.

Ideal school environment and culture encompass safe learning space for students

The ideal school environment and culture should encompass the safe learning space for students by attracting knowledgeable teachers with passion for teaching, caring, understanding and adjusting to the needs of students. It should continuously strive to transform the students into good and responsible human beings rather than create competitions amongst them. Further, the ideal school environment should be conducive and friendly to encourage students and faculties to learn by critical thinking rather than by role learning, besides encouraging them to be curious questioning, innovative approach and “Think Out Of Box”. 

Critical analysis of strengths and weaknesses of the students helps shape better relationships with them

I feel, building positive trust, mutual love and respectful relationships with everyone are the key factors towards building good relationships with students . For this , critical analysis of strengths, weaknesses and limitations of students are to be kept in mind.

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The long term goal is to groom, promote and produce efficient human resources for the country

My long term cherished goal and objective will be to groom, promote and produce physically healthy, mentally agile, good human beings. They should be able to transform themselves and others to be world class leaders and managers.

Be the pride for your parents, teachers and well-wishers

My earnest advice to students will be:

  1. To be an exemplary dignified noble human being having divine qualities. 
  2. To be the pride for your parents and relations, teachers and well-wishers,humanity and the nation . 
  3. Last but not the least, Be an idol for yourself and for others to follow.