Nihal Shahare, former engineering student from COEP Pune with 5.79 CGPA in graduation and 90.55% & 79.08 percent marks in class 10th and class 12th respectively, discussed the highlights of FMS Delhi MBA admission. Being a fresher and engineering student, he shared his detailed MBA GD PI experience at FMS Delhi with He gave a detailed overview of the interview questions asked including graduation subjects and current affairs. Read the whole article for an interesting insider story.

  • Current institute: FMS Delhi
  • Graduation College: College of Engineering, Pune (COEP)
  • CAT score: 94.56
  • 10th Percentage / GPA: 90.55
  • 12th Percentage / GPA: 79.08
  • Graduation Percentage/GPA: 5.79
  • Work Experience: Fresher

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FMS, Delhi Admission Experience 

Describe the general setting of WAT / GD (if any)?

Nihal Shahare: “Due to the pandemic the GD/PI process was cancelled at FMS, Delhi. So, I got admission on the basis of merit list according to the percentage of 10th and 12th standard. Also, considered the percentage of graduation and the CAT percentile”.

“Generally, FMS take GD/PI rounds after selecting students on the basis of merit list. The extempore is a must thing for FMS.”

What was the WAT / GD Topic?

Nihal Shahare: “WAT was conducted at another location except FMS Delhi such as IIM U”.


1) Based on current affairs

2) Is CSR activities really helpful for corporates?

3) Trade war between USA and China

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Describe the general setting of your personal Interview.

Nihal Shahare: “I attended the PI process for baby IIMs and IIM U and IIM K. So, generally there are 2 members in each panel. In both the interviews of IIM I & K there were 2 members in my panel. For K the interview was offline and for U it was online. At the start of the interview they tried to put pressure on me but as the interview went forward they were talking normally and helped in different aspects.”

Mention at least 5 interview questions that were asked to you. and your responses to each of them. 

Nihal Shahare: 

  1. Tell me something about yourself?
  2. Derive the equation of the circle.
  3. Is there any reason for such a low score in graduation?
  4. What is big data and state some examples(IT Engineer)?
  5. Name top IT companies and their CEOs.
  6. Questions on hobbies and interests.
  7. Why MBA? And why from our institute?

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Mention 3 reasons why you chose this college over other colleges which you converted (OR if you did not join this college after converting it, mention 3 reasons for not joining it).

Nihal Shahare: 

  1. ROI (The college fees is really less compared to other top B-Schools in India)
  2. Location (The college is situated in one of the prime location in India i.e. Delhi and it is prime location for corporates as well)
  3. It has 2 semesters in a year rather than 3 trimesters.
  4. Placements are also at par with other top B-Schools.

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What was the reason for you not converting other colleges?

Nihal Shahare: I was not prepared with the in detail study of my graduation. So, be prepared about your graduation and the subjects and current affairs related to the subjects.

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