GITAM Hyderabad Business School

26th December 2017, Hyderabad: “University of Nebraska welcomes top students from GITAM HBS to pursue their second year MBA degree at the B-School of University of Nebraska Omaha (UNO). They can thus get a double degree one from GITAM and the other from UNO”, announced Prof. Phani Tej Adidam, Department Chairperson and Professor, Marketing & Entrepreneurship, University of Nebraska Omaha. Prof. Adidam interacted with the MBA students of GITAM HBS on his visit to India.

Hyderabad Business School, Gitam University

“University of Nebraska has such student exchange collaborations with only 12 B-Schools across the world of which GITAM is one and the rest are mostly European”, said Prof. Adidam. He delivered a guest lecture to the students on “Empowering Human Development through Personal Branding”. He exhorted the students not to fight shy of promoting themselves through personal branding. He sought to break the myths around personal branding that make us believe that efforts alone pay off, that marketing oneself is dirty, and that one cannot control what other people think.  Using proven principles from Marketing, he advised the students on how to brand themselves: through creating points of parity and points of difference, selecting appropriate brand elements, creating supporting marketing programs, and leveraging secondary associations.

Prof. Phani Tej Adidam later interacted with the faculty of GITAM HBS and explained the research opportunities and fellowships that the University of Nebraska provides to the faculty of GITAM, as part of its MoU with the latter.

Earlier Dr. Y. Lakshman Kumar, Dean & Director, GITAM HBS, warmly welcomed Prof. Adidam and expressed his wish that GITAM HBS in its association with the University of Nebraska Omaha will shortly achieve international standards.

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