Creativity is recognized as a 21st Century Skill, along with critical thinking, communication and collaboration. At IESMCRC, we believe in nurturing business leaders of tomorrow who see opportunity in every challenge, be it business or social. Accordingly, Creativity and Innovation is an integral part of our curriculum where we understand, explore and practice being creative and innovative.

Creativity is essentially a journey into the unknown. It pushes us out of our comfort zones, forces us to confront our limitations and collaborate with others. Innovation adds the angle of markets and business and gives a definitive practical shape to our creative output. Thus the transition from creativity to innovation involves not only satisfying our own artistic hunger, but also producing something that satisfies others enough to persuade them to buy it. While every innovation involves creativity, every creative attempt cannot be called innovation.

At IESMCRC, Creativity and Innovation is taught through experiential assignments which elicit reactions ranging from a surprised “What?”, to a shocked “Really? This is part of internal assessment?” Over the years, our students have visited places of worship, gone to consumer exhibitions, interacted with rural artisans, painted murals on their balconies, cleaned their wardrobes, created shoe racks and abstained from social media. They have walked on wet sand, tried vegan food and arranged fairy lights over their windows. Would you like to gaze at the stars and see what they tell you? And, receive marks for making a bird feeder? Would you receive fulfillment at the happiness of the birds who feed there and the customer who bought the feeder? Creativity and Innovation at IESMCRC includes scores of such adventures. We learn by doing. We learn by collaborating and critiquing our work. Since we seek out challenges and dare to prototype solutions, we become co-creators of the future. Allow us to help you to help yourselves.

Minu Mehta, Professor, Head- Academics, IESMCRC