With Artificial Intelligence taking over the corporate world, there is a huge demand for professionals in this domain’

- Dr. Kulneet Suri (Sr. Director, IMS Noida)

Is Artificial Intelligence the face of tomorrow? Should you choose this as a career? First things first, computer technology is evolving at a rapid pace and now is the time for AI to step in. Currently, machines are equipped enough to read their surrounding environment and learn to react accordingly. The reason behind is nothing but a series of coding and is currently the hottest market to work in.

As a fresh graduate from this field, you will have the required head start and the paychecks can reach any limit depending on your skills. AI is the future of computing and if you want to work in a booming field, this is your ultimate answer.

AI is embedded in our everyday work scenario, be it at work when you perform a search on Google. Even your smartphones and wearables come with some amount of AI included. Google maps, online shopping, voice assistants - anything and everything involves AI.

In the present day scenario, the corporate world is investing in this technology and the demand for professionals is quite high. Experts predict that AI is indeed the face of tomorrow’s job world and the reasons to support this statement are listed below:

AI will constitute tomorrow’s workforce

Machines are faster in what they do and integrating AI will make them smarter. Bots can easily perform manufacturing jobs that involve repetitive tasks. This technology can keep the machines in sync, check for anomalies in the products in real time and send feedback for improvements almost immediately.

Human workforce working in this consumes a lot of time and companies are looking to cut down on that. Plus, a robotic workforce is a one-time investment. As graduates, you can contribute to building such technologies and never worry about losing your jobs to machines.

AI will run the cities in the future

Presently, the Indian govt. has sanctioned the construction of over 100 smart cities and more are in the pipeline. Such cities will be capable of performing their tasks with minimal human interaction but will heavily depend on the programming skills of the people.

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Expected and ongoing tasks via AI: Street lights will be turned on and off automatically, and a central station will control traffic. Banks will perform autonomously and even cars can go driverless. All these will require BCA graduates at the backend and it is your chance to present your skills.

Every industry will involve AI

With the implementation of AI, there is a possibility that the hospitals may allow robots to perform minor surgeries. Restaurants may replace their cooks with intelligent bots. Even drugs can be administered to a patient automatically where the machine can measure the vitals and push in the appropriate medicines. A time may come when stores will remove their front end-personals and substitute them with the voice assistants.

Statistics have shown that currently there are over 32000 vacant positions just in the US and the global number can be more. Almost every country is investing in AI and business is looking forward to making a mark. You can choose to work in almost any sector with your degree as long as you can contribute towards building an intelligent machine.

The right career for you:

Although it may seem that AI has advanced a lot, it is still in its early stage. Big companies like Google, Facebook, Microsoft, and Apple invest heavily in their AI department. Google has tested automated cars already while Facebook is coming up with automatic chat machines. If you are an aspiring student and are looking up for a job, then some startups target simpler projects and you can become a part.

This is the future and is going to be a major industry. With increasing demand, a seven-figure salary may not be impossible at all and you can be a part of something big. Start right, prepare well and land a job in AI.