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Prof Vikas Verma is the current Executive Director of IPM (Ghaziabad, Kanpur ,Lucknow,Meerut). He has 30 years of experience in the field of Productivity, Management, and Business environment. He teaches business environment and Business Strategy both abroad and in India via case method approach and observations.He is an experiential motivator based on history, geography, and Management. He uses actual events as the base for future probabilities

My journey started as a student and later on I went on to become the Director

IPM has a great legacy in the field of management Education, making its impact since 1977. My experience in the education field has been extremely fulfilling. The journey in management education began from IPM as a student first, and later I went on to become the Director of IPM Ghaziabad in 1996. Meanwhile, I have been taking time to deliver guest lectures in some of the top management colleges in India and abroad too. Since 2015, I have been serving as the Executive Director with the reins of all the four campuses of IPM. The education industry is very challenging and demanding, yet the best to work in. It gives a chance to be a part of nation-building by creating the Leaders for tomorrow. There is a lot of learning involved in the process. You have to promote a love for learning, shape the minds of tomorrow, become involved in a close-knit community, enjoy stability, and enviable work conditions.

Communication, character and confidence forms the basis for a successful leader

IPM believes and follows the principle of 3C’s to lead and to instill true leadership qualities in its faculty as well as students. I believe communication, character, and confidence are the factors supportive to become a true leader. My philosophy of leadership is very simple and organic; to accomplish the mission of providing quality education and taking care of my people: students, faculty and all staff. As an educational leader, my focus is also to prepare my students to strive for the best, but be ready to receive failures with full responsibility just as I do. We at IPM believe in integrating technology with our traditionally tested teaching methods. And I ensure that all students and faculty develop the critical skills pivotal for their individual and integrated development.

Our curriculum ensures inclusive and equitable quality education

Our curriculum has been meticulously designed to cater to the educational as well as industrial/market requirements. Being at par with the best management colleges, we believe in creating confident industry-ready students. Our curriculum ensures inclusive and equitable quality education and promotes lifelong learning opportunities for our students. We have beautifully integrated the course study with technical skills. Keeping up with this aspect, we are going to introduce the digital marketing certification course from this session, which our students can take to be in the league of best professionals when they are seeking jobs. We use smart teaching techniques and digital platforms and we give exhaustive industrial exposure to our students so that they can get hands-on experience of all aspects of managerial capacities. Problem-solving, creative thinking, digital skills, and collaboration are what we have accommodated in all our educational programs.

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It is pivotal for me to know my students to help them advance in their career

Although I keep a busy schedule, I make sure to visit my students and take lectures either through a digital platform or any other way possible. Also, any student can mail me or meet me directly. Being available to students is crucial for me. They should listen to me, which is important for my position, but at the same time, I believe in being friendly as well with my students so that they can freely share their challenges with me. I need to be available to deal with a wide range of situations from troubleshooting urgent concerns to philosophical discussions about their lives and careers. To be able to establish a direct connection with my students, I have to know what they are doing to make sure they are progressing in the right direction.

We regularly update and evaluate our curriculum to give best exposure to our students

We regularly review and evaluate our programs and look for opportunities to add additional programs to support student success. We are determined to increase student success rates across all disciplines while maintaining academic rigor and quality educational outcomes. We also prioritize to increase success in recruiting and retaining excellent faculty, in part, by examining search processes and emphasizing teaching as the primary mission of all our campuses. Where appropriate, we would transform the curriculum to ensure that students have knowledge and competencies related to diversity and inclusion.

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The youth today are the solution fetchers for tomorrow

They are the future of our country; they hold the key to solve numerous problems. Believe in yourself and the world will be at your feet. As Swami Vivekananda rightly said, “Arise, awake, and stop not till the goal is reached.” Young kids need to know how education can make life awesome. Think about how learning should ideally be fun, not stressful. Every problem might not have a solution right now, but don’t forget every solution was once a problem. A degree is a degree, a job is a job, and hard work is hard work – as simple and direct as it can be. Exams should be seen as challenges rather than problems. Study like there’s no tomorrow. If you keep putting off your studies for tomorrow, you’ll probably be too late.

My biggest responsibility is to take care of the smooth functioning of the institution

My role lies in each facet of IPM and its smooth functioning. Providing good education, nurturing environment, and the best facilities to my students, faculty, and all staff is what comes under my supervision. I share responsibility with my competent faculty members for guiding and improving our educational programs. I also have to act as the liaison with the students, faculty members, hostel, and college administrations. I have to communicate relevant matters to the faculty as needed; informing them of education-related policies, deadlines, and programs as appropriate; and forwarding recommendations, nominations, and other information to the appropriate collegiate administrations.

We offer the best education in the field of management 

IPM is one of the oldest frontrunners in the field of management education in India for four decades. Our campuses are spanned across Uttar Pradesh, we are present in Ghaziabad, Meerut, Lucknow, and Kanpur. And we are proud forerunners in the field of management education in the region. We practice the best standards in the industry for our students to make them future-ready for the industry. And we have a huge and strong alumni network holding great positions across the globe.

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Our biggest strength lies in the behaviour, competence and excellence of each person associated with the institute

Response: Our biggest strengths are our Behaviour, Competence and Excellence. IPM provides a loving and caring environment, which enables students and staff alike to grow holistically and feel accepted. No one is left to fall behind as everyone is offered a genuine helping hand. We provide regular counselling and guidance to our students, along with the educational programmes, that deal with personal and social issues and developmental lessons regularly.

As exemplified by the wide range of subjects on offer at our institute, the sharing of expertise and transmission of knowledge are a tradition we have always treasured. It is our priority to offer our students all the means to learn the necessary skills to survive in a fast-changing, digital and technological world.