Dr. R K Mishra
Dr. R K Mishra
Director, IPE Hyderabad

Dr. R K Mishra, Senior Professor, Director and ONGC Subir Raha Chair Professor, Institute of Public Enterprise Hyderabad, a graduate of International Management Programme, SDA Bocconi, Milan, Italy. He has an enormous experience in teaching, research, management and so on. He is also a member of the UN Task Force on Standards of Excellence in Public Administration and Education. In this Interview, he talks about the growth of B-Schools, some hurdles in life, goals for IPE and much more.

Ques 1: What has been your major setback or the biggest hurdle you have faced as the Director of Institute of Public Enterprise, if any?

Ans. We had to work hard for maintaining our students’ strength as a result of political turmoil in the state starting from 2010-11 to 2014-15.Numbers are very important for planning, executing, stabilizing, achieving and excellence.

Ques 2: How do you look at enhancing student-industry interaction at IPE?

Ans. We ensure this by developing a regular course curriculum in line with the industry requirements. For all the PG programs, we have separate Board of Studies with many external invitees from industry with regular review and modify curricula and introduction of new courses.We further strengthen this, by linking students’ learning from industry and link back for deeper learning and research skills.This is the practice followed by good Universities and B-schools.

Ques 3: Director’s position requires intense time management. How do you manage your time?

Ans. The Institute’s structure provides for sufficient delegation and decentralization.The leadership positions have been created for each and every important responsibility.The leaders occupying such positions are supported by a facilitating eco system.

Ques 4: How is the Indian education system different from the education system in other countries, both with respect to students as well as teachers/professors?

Ans. The Indian system is different in at least three regards: influx of fresh graduates, stress on classroom teaching and lack of financial and infrastructure support as also missing links in the policy framework and incentivization.

Ques 5: What are the qualities, which over the year have helped you and the entire management, in creating a brand name for IPE?

Ans. Keeping the interest of Institute of Public Enterprise at the center is particularly making a mark in the competitive regime and trying all the times to stand on its own.

Ques 6: What message do you have for students pursuing higher studies under the influence of their peers and society, for example, taking up engineering when you have been interested in Fashion Designing?

Ans. They should decide on the issue based on their own interest and liking.They should always seek on the advice of their peers, seniors and parents.However, their decision should be directed by their own choice and strengths.

Ques 7: What according to you are the top qualities that an MBA aspirant must possess?

Ans. They should be good in communication, appearance, basics of management, in touch with day-do-day developments, ahead of information technology and the will to achieve and sustain

Ques 8: How do you look at the growth of B-schools in India?

Ans. The growth has been haphazard and more than sought by the end-users.The growth has been somewhat hollow. Investments are inadequate, faculty expertise is wanting to be strengthened, industry connect needs a short in the arm and the element of competitiveness needs much to be desired as it has to catch up with science, technology, engineering and management (STEM) and also with soft sciences such as economics, political science, sociology, anthropology, etc.

Ques 9: What goals and plans do you have for the future growth and expansion of your institution?

Ans. We have to go a long way.We are on the right path and trajectory, but we need to traverse a lot of distance.We have to put in more on quality, infrastructure, faculty, staff, pedagogy, equipments, research, innovations, team and joint work.We have to build a situation where management education is industry lead.

Ques 10: What message do you have for students wishing to join IPE in the near future?

Ans. They should throng in big numbers with an optimal gender balance having the yearning to lead in life.