Celebrated worldwide as International Labor Day, 1st May had a different meaning altogether for ISBR Bengaluru. It was the 6th edition of Abhinandana Awards held on May 1, 2018, and the whole concept of this series of the awards was to felicitate women achieving various milestones by their counterpart. It is that time of the year when ISBR brought the talented and hardworking women from different walks of life into the limelight and recognized their work and success by honoring them.

Abhinandana Awards

The event was held at the ISBR auditorium. It started at 11:00 am with lighting lamps and beautiful dance performance by students. The award ceremony began by the Institutional Award awarded to the Association of Women Entrepreneurs of Karnataka (AWAKE). Other categories of awards were - Women of Distinction, Shining Stars awards and Rising Star awards Abinandana 2018.

The chief guests of the event were Dr. S. Japhet, Vice-Chancellor of Bengaluru Central University, Ms. Dana Kursh, Consul General of Israel in Bengaluru and Mr. K Ravi, President FKCCI. 

ISBR celebrates ‘Abhinandana 2018’ for the success of women achievers

Prof S Japhet is a member of the faculty with the National Law School of Indian University since 1990. He spoke about the contribution of women to the post and pre Independence era (Annie Besant, Indira Gandhi, Sarojini Naidu) to the recent feat of women fighter pilots of Indian Air Force (Avani Chaturvedi, Bhawana Kanth, Mohana Singh). He celebrated womanhood by stating that women are creating their own marks even in the niche profile. His enthusiastic speech about women and womanhood endorsed both women empowerment as well as democratic ideals.

The next chief guest, Ms. Dana Kursh is the Consul General of Israel for South India. Ms. Dana presented herself in a very poised and dignified manner, which indicated her success as a diplomat. Along with celebrating felicitation of women, she also celebrated the commonality between India and Israel and dissolution of political barriers. She was honored by the other chief guests and important people present at the stage and presented with the Women of Distinction Award. She accepted the honors and award with humility and showed gratitude.

The last prominent chief guest, Mr. K Ravi, is the President of Federation of Karnataka Chambers of Commerce and Industries (FKCCI). He spoke about evolving entrepreneurship and being a global citizen.

The motive of Abhinandana was to celebrate the women achievers and inspire and motivate others by their success in their professional journeys. The honorable speakers ensured through their speech that women empowerment isn’t only about women but about the society as a whole, essential in every country in the world.