Tap into the broadest array of global experiential learning opportunities at ISME partner with international companies to impact and drive your future.

International School of Management Excellence (ISME) is a leading Business School offering world-class education through a student-focused culture of excellence, international outlook, entrepreneurial thinking, and industry alignment.

It was founded in 2006 by alumni from CMU, Purdue and Wharton, USA. ISME has been ranked as one of the Top B-Schools in Bangalore and top 1% B-School in India. Over 1000+ ISME alumni are working in multi-nationals including Fortune 500 companies.

International School of Management Excellence

ISME was chosen for the prestigious Education Excellence Award by Brand's Academy and was bestowed the "Fast Emerging Private Management Institute Award". ISME has also received the "International Achievers Award for Education Excellence" by Indo-Thai Chamber of Commerce, held at Bangkok, Thailand.

ISME offers three Programs-

  • PGDM
  • BBA with International Internship at Singapore

The BBA degree is from Bangalore University, designed to provide knowledge and skills, both functional and integrative, in the field of business.

The global BBA curriculum will prepare you to lead in any economy. Whether it is the diversity of their faculty with international experience their international culture or the experiential learning opportunities that you are provided with, ISME BBA offerings equip you to lead anyone, anywhere in the world.

The BBA course ensures that business strategies and principles are guided and key takeaways are delivered in the most efficient manner.

In order to accomplish the mission of the institute, the BBA department focuses on developing an entrepreneurial society with professional orientation and global outlook deep-rooted in social sensitivity.

ISME inculcates the art of excellence in its students through rigorous coursework and a uniquely designed industry-oriented curriculum.

At ISME students are encouraged to make full use of every opportunity to synergize classroom theory, personal skill and genuine career-related work experience. Seek out "real world" assignments that extend your learning experience into areas that are not available in the classroom. BBA at ISME provides various experiences that help you learn and integrate what you learn, focusing on outcomes and results; and what you can achieve.

Global Experiential Program for all ISME BBA Students in Singapore

Global Experiential Program for all ISME BBA Students in Singapore

ISME’s Partner is MDIS (Management Development Institute of Singapore).


Learning Outcomes-

  • Gain an in-depth understanding and experience enriched international corporate culture in Singapore
  • Learn about key business trends, norms, challenges, and successes in a developed country like Singapore
  • Further develop teamwork and leadership skills

This international internship offers the students personal real-world insights and exposures to actual working life, an experiential foundation to their career choices, and the chance to build valuable business networks. All students of BBA complete it in a business organization in Singapore. Overseas internship in Singapore is a valuable plus to your life experience and also boosts students’ confidence. As a BBA graduate, of ISME you hold the “golden ticket” because you can apply for just about any business-related job that you want and be highly qualified for the position. With this degree, you become highly employable, so to speak.