Dr. Bhavesh Kumar Rathod is presently serving as the Principal at Izee Business School, Bangalore. He has several years of work experience and has been holding prominent profiles as Lecturer, HOD, Assistant Professor, Program Director and Principal at various national level institutions. Dr. Rathod is a true leader, educationist and academic administrator, and has attended and conducted many conferences and seminars, throughout his career.

Izee Business School

How does the curriculum of your institute ensure the best practice of industry?

“Practical practices and add-on programs for better learning”

We follow a well-established and structured curriculum with a blend of theoretical and practical knowledge that help students gain all relevant skills for accomplishing their goals. Apart from regular university curriculum, we focus on providing Value added programs like SAP, AI, TALLY, Advanced Excel, Ethical Hacking etc., which helps the students to fill the gap between academic and industry learning. We, on a regular basis, carry out workshops, seminars, expert lectures and conferences to aid students with better understanding and strong mentorship. 

What do you think your roles and responsibilities towards the students are? 

“Endow student’s holistic development approaches”

As Head of the institution, my role is to bestow my students with high quality education and the most convenient learning environment that readily focuses on their overall development. I put in efforts to counsel them and mentor them for their further goals and also evaluate their performance. I make sure each of my students learn and grow in a well-defined positive manner so as they develop into future professionals taking this nation forward. 

What do you think should be the institution’s top priority over the next 10 years?

“Empowering students with best of education and environment”

With the increasing competition and aspiration for quality higher education, we need to cope up with global standards in the first place. We are working forward to build a comprehensive environment of practical learning and proficient growth for every student here. We are also focusing on building two to three campuses, adding more courses to the existing curriculum, to have a more diversified crowd of professionals. We are also aspiring to seek more industrial integrations to help our students learn specialized skills. 

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How do you tend to establish a healthy environment in your institute? 

“Designing and implementing a well-built academic system”

Healthy and happy environment is the base for the growth of any institution and that can be achieved by treating staff, students as our family members, and providing equal opportunities to all. Also, I put in a strong academic system which leads to healthy relations among students and staff, without interpreting their way of thinking or immobilizing their thoughts. We conduct counselling sessions and talk to each student and staff individually, seeking for their problems and keen solutions. Our faculty also correlates with every student and builds a positive sense of trust and faith among them. 

What is your vision for Izee Business School?

“A global education hub making students future ready”

The zeal and mission is to make Izee B School as a well-known symbol in the educational sector. We are focusing on implementing various value added programs, and several co-curriculum and extra-curricular activities for our students to stand unsurpassed at international standards. We live by our vision “to be a globally connected Management School, whose transformative research and teaching techniques, places us at the forefront as influential and knowledgeable leadership. This brings us together with students, business and society in learning to make a difference.”

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Any suggestions you would like to give to the current youths? 

“Focusing and improving yourself must be your priority”

My suggestion to our youth is that they must and should identify their strengths, focus on improving their skills, overcome their weaknesses and move forward with passion. Education is the only route to follow and achieve their goals.