Interview by Sakshi Aggarwal

Dr. A. Ravi, Director of Koshys Institute of Management Studies

Dr. A. Ravi’s director of Koshys Institute of Management Studies. His academic qualification includes B.Pharm. from Madurai Medical College, Madurai; MBA from Thiyagarayar School of Management, MKU, Madurai; M.Phil and P.hD. from Alagappa University in Management, PhD in Management from Golden State University, USA; and D.Litt. from University of South America.

He has worked at different positions in several esteemed organisations, viz. Florence group of institution, Bangalore as the Director and Principal; R.J.S.Institute of Management Studies as the Principal; PMC.Tech, HOSUR as the HoD, MBA; The Oxford College of Engineering, Bangalore as HoD, MBA; Sapthagiri College of Engineering, Dharmapuri as the HoD, MBA and Ultra College of Pharmacy, Madurai as the Assistant Professor.

Dr. A. Ravi’s experience in the education industry

In my 27 years of academic experience, a lot of changes have occurred in the field of education industry in which chalk and block board system has been totally changed and high-tech facility have been injected in the teaching-learning process. Being a well-known academician and Serviced in different institutes as HOD, PRINCIPAL, and as Director, the workplace environment given the opportunity to learn various new dimensions towards academic excellence. Education is the backbone for the growth of any nation and an individual. A teacher can be instrumental for global leaders and I feel that my contribution to the education industry will help young managers to make our country one of the developed nations. Only selfless service for the needy community has enabled me to be in this prestigious industry.

Koshys Institute of Management Studies

Dr. A. Ravi’s philosophy of teaching and his teaching style

Participative style of teaching is the most wanted one for the corporate excellence and good philosophy in teaching is to live techniques and value-based management education with innovative teaching methods. Practical knowledge is ideal for good managerial decisions and leadership qualities. Inspiring the learners with solving the unsolved problems with case study method and valid presentation.

Changes in the education industry noticed by Dr. A. Ravi over these years

Many changes have been noticed in the education industry and most of the Business Schools have designed their own syllabus to meet the latest requirement. As per the job market, Management institutes have introduced new courses like Logistics, Customer Relationship Management, Insurance, Healthcare, Digital Marketing, Business Analytics, and Retail Management with research insights. It is very interesting to read that many private universities are operating integrated MBA with many specializations and very few institutes are able to run the Management program successfully.

Most optimum path, according to Dr. A. Ravi, for a student who wants to excel in any field of management

It is noted from several cases that industries are looking for skills and smartness in MBA students, as high performance in the workplace with professionalism will lead to excellence.

Growth of students through placement opportunities available at Koshys Institute of Management Studies

Koshys institute is different from others in extending support to the students by providing skill development program, value addition, job-oriented certificate program and continuous carrier guidance. In addition to the academic curriculum, we help our students to build their confidence level to face corporate interviews.

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Koshys Institute of Management Studies

Dr. A. Ravi on what makes Koshys Institute of Management Studies stand apart from other institutions

Koshys Institute stands for perfection with quality and ethics. In practice, Koshys focuses on 50% academics and 50% activities towards 100% placement.

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Qualities, which over the years have helped Dr. A. Ravi and the entire management, create a brand name for Koshys Institute of Management Studies

Leadership qualities, team building with patience and ethical practices with a dedication to success towards the organization and student community.

Dr. A. Ravi on how he prepares students to face challenges of modern organizations and global standards successfully

We train our students with live projects, case study analysis, Business plan and presentation of the proposals and Koshys educate the students to develop multi-talented skills to face the global challenges.

Goals in mind for Koshys Institute of Management Studies for the next five years

Our goal is to lead Koshys for establishing an innovative learning center and will be placed on the list of top ten institutions in India. We will elevate our Institute to construct ‘Koshys Centre for Research Excellence and Consultancy’ shortly and aiming for NBA Certified Institute.

Suggestions for the current youth and the aspiring students

The young generation needs to gain practical knowledge than book reading. It is noted from the present student community that they lack in skills and should know the corporate style. The educational institutions should provide a good learning environment with value-based education and the Universities need to revise their academic learning modules with an updated syllabus to meet the corporate challenges.