Interview by Sakshi Aggarwal

Mr. Pankoj Roy, Director Admission in Koshys Institute of Management Studies

Mr. Pankoj Roy is currently working as the Director Admissions in Koshys Institute of Management Studies.

In his 11 years of career, he has worked as Public Relation Manager in KS India Education Service, Territory Manager in Excel Business Academy, Assistant Manager in EduWorld, Manager Admission in ICM Business School. In Koshys Group of Institutions, he has held various positions including that of an Administrator, Head Admission, and Director Admission.

Mr. Pankoj Roy‘s experience in the education industry

I feel that education industry is very good. Not only because we get job security, but also because nowadays people are very concerned about work stress and job security. The education industry is an industry where you not only earn money but also a lot of respect. In my 9 years of experience, I have achieved a lot of respect that I really feel proud of. We have a nursing institution as well. Whenever we go to hospitals, students come to us as they are working there and they ask us how are we and take special care of our relatives and friends. So that gives a very big satisfaction to us, that yes, we have done something good for the society.

Mr. Pankoj Roy‘s philosophy of leadership and his leadership style

Leadership is a kind of two-way communication. It should not be that I am the only one communicating or giving instructions to you and you are following. A leader always has to be there with the people and has to do the right thing so that others can see, learn and follow. We are growing up in a generation where only advice does not work. You have to set some example and then people will realize that yes, this thing is working and then they will follow. In my entire life, I always try to do the same. I achieve something first and then tell people that this is how it is working and you must also try the same. So, I have to be there with the people and motivate them. I have to encourage them and make sure that they are following this process.

Changes in the education industry noticed by Mr. Pankoj Roy over the years

When I was working with excel business academy around 8 years back, the education trend was completely different. We were mostly doing offline activities. We did not have that much access to things like internet and wi-fi. It was difficult then, but everything is very easy now. The world is just on the tip of your finger. You can just type whatever you want and get the information. So now if you are trying to give wrong information to the students, or fake yourself, you will not be able to sell yourself. You have to be very honest with your product and your service. And now the generation is such that people can understand your intentions. If you are trying to fake it or exaggerate it and finally you are not able to deliver the service, people will never trust you. That is why the first thing that I believe in is that you should be completely service oriented. We should always understand that when we are taking money from the student, it should be of value and we should definitely give something in return. Once the student goes back with some achievement, they will tell other people that this is the best.

The most optimum path, according to Mr. Pankoj, for a student wanting to excel in any field of management

There is no alternative of commitment and hard work. People tell that smart work is better but I still believe that it’s just an excuse. If you do not do hard work then it is not possible. So, I feel that the student has to be much focused and they should know where they have to reach.  If you do not know where you have to reach, you will simply roam around and waste your time. So first set the goal where you have to reach, set a plan and then just follow the plan.

Curriculum at Koshys Institute of Management Studies and growth of students through placement opportunities available there

We bring something really unique that most of the institutes are not following, when it comes to placements. In other institutes, the entire placement team comes in the 3rd semester. At that time, students have a lot of work including project work, internship, placement training and then placements. That leads to a very tight schedule and the students are unable to focus. In our institution, we start the placement training from the first semester itself. The moment a student joins our course, along with our university curriculum, we enroll their name in our training department. In the 1st semester, they get the basic training, in the 2nd semester, they get the middle training and the 3rd semester they finally get the advanced training. Once these 3 levels of training are over, then they reach the 4th semester where they become ready to be placed. Then the job of placement department becomes very easy. They just have to bring companies to the institution and we send the students and placements are 100% confirmed.

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Mr. Pankoj on what makes Koshys Institute of Management Studies stand apart from other institutions

At Koshys, we are following the philosophy of experiential learning. This generation is not that your advice them and they will listen. We have to set some example and make them work.  So, at Koshy’s we try to keep all these courses in the form of experiential learning. You learn it, you experience it and then you by heart it. That is how I think we are unique than other institutions.

Qualities which over the years have helped Mr. Pankoj Roy and the entire management, create a brand name for Koshys Institute of Management Studies

At Koshys, we believe in honesty. Whatever we promise, we deliver. And if we are not able to deliver, we do not promise it. We follow this simple philosophy and since past 6-7 years, we have grown very fast. We are competing with the best institutions only because we believe in this simple rule, that is honesty.

Mr. Pankoj Roy on how does he prepare students to face challenges of modern organizations and global standards successfully

Our philosophy on this is helping students a lot through experiential learning. When you read the book, you feel that it is very easy but when you try to implement, then you feel that it does not match 100% with what you have learned. That is why we tell them to do it in practical life. We send them to the field, they do it on their own, they make mistakes, and learn from them. These hardships make them very capable and prepare them to fight with rest of the world.

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Goals in mind for Koshys Institute of Management Studies for the next five years

We are looking for expansion of this business. Currently, we are only able to serve a few no. of students. If we can give more no. of students in different verticals, the quality and the service that we are iving, will definitely help the entire nation. So, we are thinking to expand the institute. We will try to go to a university, add on more courses and streams and then we will be able to serve more no. of students.

Koshys Group of Institutions

Suggestions for the current youth and the aspiring students

You have to stay away from your mobile. That’s what I feel. We are all individual prisoners. We are all engrossed in our mobile phones and don’t talk to people much. Even if we are sitting together, we will be chatting with somebody else. We have to come out of this virtual world. Although technology is necessary and we have to move forward, but still it doesn’t mean that our entire life will be just focused around that.

My suggestion to the students would become out of your mobiles and see the world and see what is happening around and see how the changes are happening. You cannot simply make changes on your Facebook you have to make changes in your real life. Focus on your life more than your mobile phones.