Interview by Sakshi Aggarwal

Prof. Priyanka MNK, Associate Professor, HOD -MBA Program in Koshys Institute of Management Studies

Prof. Priyanka MNK is an Associate Professor and the HOD-MBA Program at Koshys Institute of Management Studies. She is a Gold medallist from Kuvempu University at the undergraduate level and completed her Masters in Marketing Management from Vishweswaraya Technological University, securing the third rank in MBA. She started her career being associated with corporates like Infosys-IT major in India, Future group-Biggest retail chain in India. Her passion lays in teaching and research and this prompted her to shift her focus to the educational field. She imparts knowledge in basic and advanced marketing management subjects at postgraduate level. Prof. Priyanka has to her credit research articles published in reputed Indian and international journals. She has also participated and presented papers at many of the International and National conferences across India. She is UGC-NET qualified and currently pursuing her Doctoral Degree at Bangalore University specializing in the area of Strategic Marketing.

She has taught Business Marketing, Services Marketing, Retail marketing, Rural and Agricultural marketing courses and her research interests include Strategic Marketing and Rural marketing.

Prof. Priyanka’s experience in the education industry

Looking at the global scenario, India is becoming an educational hub. Higher education industry in India is very competitive like any other industry. It is not just teaching, but teaching which is supported by research and consultation. Slowly, we are moving from the traditional method of content teaching to experiential learning methodologies. Being in the education industry, you get a lot of opportunities to network and provide your intellectual consultation. Also, the education industry is never monotonous. You need to constantly update and learn to accommodate yourself to the highly demanding learners. My experience in the education industry for past 6 years is highly rewarding and challenging which makes me push my boundaries to adapt to new teaching methodologies.

Koshys Institute of Management Studies

Prof. Priyanka’s philosophy of teaching and her teaching style

My philosophy of teaching is not to deliver the content from the textbook, but to make the learner responsible for learning in multi-faceted angles. I teach at postgraduate level for Master of Business Administration levels. Students come from various backgrounds and with various expectations for MBA classrooms. As a faculty, I make sure that they understand the concepts thoroughly so that they can apply them in the real-time situations. In most cases, the mode of teaching would be participatory and discussion in style to ignite critical thinking and analytical skills of students.

Changes in the education industry noticed by Prof. Priyanka over these years

The education industry has become highly competitive in terms of operations. There are technological advancements that are changing the traditional methods of teaching and learning. ICT enabled teaching and learning is the need of the hour. Research and consultancy are what higher education industry wants today. Faculties are no more only teachers. But they are leaders who have the responsibility of shaping the future generation of this country.

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Koshys Institute of Management Studies

Path, according to Prof. Priyanka, which is most optimum for a student who wants to excel in any field of management

Ability to analyze the situation and the ability to make the right decisions at right time is what it takes to excel in any field of management.

Curriculum at Koshys Institute of Management Studies and growth of students through placement opportunities available there

The curriculum at most of the Business Schools remains the same. At Koshys, we have blended this curriculum with a lot of add-on programs to prepare our students for the latest trends in the industry. We offer customized programs like SAP, certification programs on security trading and exchanges, on the job training with supply chain and logistics firms along with advanced excel training. On weekly basis, we bring in Industry experts at the senior management level to mentor our students to know the recent trends in the Industry. At classrooms, we discuss the current case studies from the industry and students are groomed by challenging assignments and presentations.

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Prof. Priyanka on what makes Koshys Institute of Management Studies stand apart from other institutions

We truly believe in molding our students and transforming them. There are a lot of colleges that are offering MBA programs. But where we stand out is the additional programmes that we deliver and which are customized along with our curriculum.

Qualities which over the years have helped Prof. Priyanka the entire management, create a brand name for Koshys Institute of Management Studies

It is our 10th year in management education. Looking back, it was a tough journey that we had. Today, we are proud that we have 6 credible rankings from education industry veterans. At KGI, we truly believe in molding our students and making them better professionals and entire team stands for that. I think that is our biggest strength. Outstanding leadership by our Chairman Dr. Santosh Koshy makes us strive for excellence in whatever we do.

Prof. Priyanka on how do they prepare students to face challenges of modern organizations and global standards successfully

Curriculum delivery at Koshys Institute of Management Studies is very innovative in nature. It includes classroom lectures, relevant case study discussions, research-driven student presentations, field visits. Students are trained on soft skills, life skills, and professional skills to groom themselves for a corporate career. Also, the students are exposed to industry internships which helps them to accommodate themselves to corporate culture. We also provide an opportunity for our students to participate in corporate summits and invite senior management level corporate to interact with our students.

Goals in mind for Koshys Institute of Management Studies for the next five years

We want to be recognized as Best Experiential Management Education Institute in India. Students should experience the best management education at KGI.

Suggestions for the current youth and the aspiring students

Firstly, they should be very research oriented. For example, if you look at the basic jobs available at entry level, they are all executive-level jobs. You do not need to have an MBA or the higher-level degree to do such jobs. When you move up the ladder, you get into a lot of research and insights on the market and then you have to go ahead with the trends of the market. They not only have to polish their soft skills, but they also have to polish their analytical, decision making and research skills.