Interview by Yash Panchal

Dr. Ganesh Rao, Director, MITCON Institute of Management

Currently serving as the Director of MITCON Institute of Management, Dr. Ganesh Rao is an MBA and has also done Ph.D. in Marketing. He has over 36 years of experience in corporate, consultancy and academics, across multiple functional areas. 

He started his journey with Bajaj Auto as a Management Trainee. He then had a great career in Garware Group. His journey into academics started with being Director of IIMS for 3 years. He then went on to join MITCON Consultancy before getting into academics. In his role as the Director for past 6 years, he has been instrumental in the growth of MITCON.

Dr. Rao’s philosophy of leadership

I believe in Transformational Leadership style. A person with this leadership style is a true leader who inspires the team with a shared vision of the future. I believe in being highly visible and spending a lot of time communicating. I don’t necessarily believe in leading from the front, as this way I delegate responsibility amongst teams and bring out the talent and leadership in them. I believe in being motivational, supportive, encourager, a good listener and recognizing the potential for development opportunities among team members. I seek employee happiness to ensure success.

Dr. Rao’s philosophy of leadership

Dr. Rao on how students at MITCON Institute of Management get updated with skills required in the industry

To start with, we keep our academics abreast with the industry requirements instead of finding off-the-shelf solutions from textbooks. This kind of industry researched based education not only helps in broadening knowledge base, it also updates oneself on the latest technologies and practices. Thus, we try to follow industry required curriculum.

Students should be given a global view on any issue and sharpen their skills to emerge as the winner through industry speakers and building a comprehensive industry interface. Our establishment is industry led academic institution supported by leading companies. Our aim is to bridge the skills gap by delivering employable ready professionals from the day graduates enter the industry.

Our students are not only technically proficient but also exhibit sound awareness of real-world issues. Close interaction with senior industry professionals provides students with the first-hand experience of the challenges of the real work environment. The teaching approach focuses on the holistic development and not limited to presentations skills and soft skills.

Dr. Rao’s views on establishing a healthy culture and climate among the diverse family of MITCON Institute

Students in MITCON come from different states of India. We manage diversity by creating and maintaining a positive environment where the similarities and differences of individuals are valued.

Communication with the students is encouraged and every staff member act as a mentor to the student.

Dr. Rao’s views on establishing a healthy culture

Qualities which helped to create a brand name for MITCON Institute of Management

I would attribute the success of MITCON to 4 qualities that we have consistently managed over the years.

  1. Faculty: We have ensured that the faculty is driven by enthusiasm to create that spark flowing among students.
  2. Industrial Interface: We have good tie-ups with industry and have given exposure to the industrial interface.
  3. Training/ Internships: Practical learning forms an important part of your whole grooming process.
  4. Placements: We have ensured 100% placements to our students, consistently, over the years.

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Goals in mind for the institute for the next few years

With India taking the center stage on the global economic scene, Indian industries and commerce are facing enormous challenges on various fronts. We will establish and maintain superiority, in terms of technology, quality, delivery and customer support, is a top priority for Indian companies. Although they are meeting the challenges strongly and with determination, the first signs of strain have started appearing. Indian corporate is finding it increasingly difficult to find and retain the human talent that is required to face the formidable global challenge. Next decade will be decisive for the world economy and also for India as we strive to build our own domestic economic infrastructure. Agriculture, Banking, Pharmaceuticals and Services sectors will be the driving forces in the economic thrust.

MITCON Institute of Management has evolved from a strong need to develop techno-managerial manpower for niche industry segments, in a socially conscious and integrated school of management. This need arises as a result of high degree of specialization in an increasingly competitive environment. MITCON is responsible to bridge the requirements for business minds who can work seamlessly in the corporate environment.