In the present day scenario, people around the world are talking on the plastic ban and its harmful effects on human health & the environment. Using plastic for various purposes has become a part of our daily lives. People lack awareness of polymer disposal. It has become a need of the hour, to highlight and make them understand that it can be reused in various utilizations besides just recycling it.

Mrs. Anagha Khare 
Asst. Prof (Dept of Polymer Engg)
MIT – World Peace University

If we talk about plastic bags which costs so less that it is used for a single time only and people dispose of it without giving it a second thought of reusing it. Currently, this material has a vast area of application in all fields whether it be Automobile, Medical, Agriculture, Electronics, Mobile phones, Construction, Aerospace, Packaging, Paints, Adhesives, Rubbers, or Dentistry, and more. So, it can be clearly and strongly said that - one cannot LIVE WITHOUT USING PLASTICS.

Paper Bags as a substitute - Harmful or not!

People think that a better substitute for these plastic bags is paper bags. But, Is paper actually that much better option?

The truth is, no, it is not. Paper does a lot of damage to the Earth as well, and every time we unthinkingly grab a few bags at the checkout stand, we contribute to that damage. It is time to learn the truth about paper bags, so we can start making better choices today. Some of the reason to not choose these bags are:

  • These paper bags are not cost-effective
  • Have a one-time usage due to its low strength
  • Gets damaged if comes in contact with moisture/water
  • The paper is processed from raw wood. So for this, trees are cut, and this enumerates the cause of global warming
  • The chemicals used in making paper along with the printing ink gets disposed of in the environment after it is thrown away after one-time use.
  • Paper bags generate 70% more air pollutants than plastic
  • They generate 50 times more water pollutants than plastic

Hence, using or choosing paper carry bags instead of plastic bags is of more pressing concern from the environment point of view.

Proper disposal of Plastic Bags

As the plastic bag is still preferred over paper bags, people should still be well aware of the right use of plastic bags and its proper disposal. This hazardous material can be reused for various other applications - making roads, creative stuff like plastic bins, Recycled Plastic Bottle Supply Cups and more. Recycled material also has a market, and the right way of disposal can avoid damaging the environment. We as human beings hold responsibility towards social cause to use plastic with responsibility.

About Polymer Engineering at MIT-WPU

Polymer does not only mean the production of plastic bags, but these are used in manufacturing bottles, toothbrushes, cans, buckets. Since manufacturing has evolved, it has opened a wide variety of jobs along with the option of higher education in Material Science. At present, most of the metal parts in automobiles are replaced with high-performance polymers and composites to reduce weight. Having more areas of applications of this material, more are the job opportunities available in the market.

We at MIT-WPU, are offering Polymer Engineering course since 1983. Our students graduating from this branch are getting placed at very high positions in Industries - &Reliance, DSM, Kingfa, Verroc, Bosch, Tata Motors, Volkswagen, Faurecia Ltd., Garware Wall ropes and many more all over India.