Interview by Yash Panchal

Dr. Garima Mathur

Dr. Garima Mathur is working as an Associate Professor in Human Resource Management, PIMG. She is UGC-NET qualified, Master of Arts in Psychology and did MBA from Prestige Institute of Management, Gwalior. She is research guide having eight research scholars under her supervision. One research scholar has already submitted her thesis.

Dr. Mathur has more eleven 10 years of experience in the academic and research field. She has presented over 45 research/conceptual papers in conferences/seminars and attended around 25 in-house and outside workshops. She has also conducted state and local level workshops on “Techniques of Research Paper Writing” as a resource person. She has received her Ph.D. in Management from Jiwaji University on “Trust, Leadership, and Commitment as correlates of Team Effectiveness: A Study of Service Sector”.

Dr. Mathur is an active Member of Indian Accounting Association and Gwalior Management Association (Branch of AIMA). She has organized a National Case Writing Workshop, an International conference, and a National Research Methodology Workshop. She has also published two volumes of an edited book on “Post Recessionary Economy: Movers & Moulders of Changing World”, Crescent Publishers, Allahabad. She is editor of ‘Prestige International Journal of IT & Management- Sanchayan’.

Dr. Mathur’s experience in the education industry

The industry is very attractive as I have a passion for teaching. It is best as it is challenging in terms of teaching with new pedagogy, new things, research work, etc. It is also best as teaching gives a sense of satisfaction.

Dr. Mathur’s philosophy of leadership

I follow more of people-oriented style along with sticking to completion of work through proper method. However, I also believe in innovation in processes. In my opinion, Leader is the one who understands other and makes others understand you. A leader is a person with whom all others feel comfortable to share their thoughts and apprehensions.

Dr. Mathur’s philosophy of leadership

Significant challenges faced as the Associate Professor of Prestige Institute of Management

Yes, being an associate professor there is a duality of role. Along with teaching and leadership, the role of guide and administrator also needs to be played. To balance among all these is one of the big challenges.

Thoughts on the importance of HR for MBA Students

HR is one of the core areas of Management. Naturally, it is about every individual himself and about developing capabilities to manage the others too. HR helps to train the individual to manage HR requirement, thereby supporting enhanced productivity.

Dr. Mathur on her time management

It is very much required to manage time. I prioritize my daily activities, make a note of them and accordingly allocate time for that. Within time schedule, I try to keep scope for unannounced tasks or meetings.  As and when required, I complete tasks at home too.

Dr. Mathur on her time management

Curriculum of Prestige Institute of Management

The curriculum has scope for presentations and group discussion on various topics. The students make presentations on various concepts which include extended syllabus. The curriculum further supports students to go for practical training through a summer internship, etc.

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Changes noticed in the Education Industry over the past few years and views on the skill set required by a corporate in a student

There are vast changes. Previously, students were fighting hard for admissions thereby refining their skills well in advance and after education, they turn up in a good lot whereas nowadays admission is easy but the students are fighting hard to sustain their jobs. In the skill set, the most important thing is ‘Attitude’. Their positivity about everything related to the job, their readiness to learn, capabilities, believe in themselves, confidence but not overconfidence definitely.

Growth of students through placement opportunities available for HR Students at PIMG

It is believed that there are lesser jobs in HR but if there is proper development of students then there is ample of opportunities. There are fair chances for the students to grow as there are many areas such as HR staffing, counseling, legal aspects, etc. The students need to work on other live projects, on the job training, so that there can be more opportunities. There are other areas as well where HR is required as specialization and with the help of add-on courses, they can be tapped easily.

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Dr. Mathur on her relation with the students and her availability for them

During many curricular, co-curricular and extracurricular activities, I interact with the students. I play a role of mentor, guide for the students in various tasks. I follow open door policy. During breaks, every student is allowed to meet and clarify doubts.

Dr. Mathur on her relation with the students and her availability for them

What would be your ideal school environment, and how would you encourage that kind of culture

The ideal environment is such where students will come after rigorous admission procedure and college have the capability to provide such environment where students can be trained to make them fit for organization’s requirements. The environment should be such that the students learn about ethics and morality. To encourage such culture a pre-placement training program along with other workshops has already been organized and in future students will be encouraged to have more interaction with corporate.      

Top qualities that an aspiring HRM Courses student must possess

According to me, HR aspiring students must have following qualities:

  1. Strong communication skills
  2. Decision-making skills
  3. Calm attitude and better-thinking abilities
  4. Expert in all the areas as recruitment and training needs are comprehensive
  5. Leadership quality
  6. High in Ethics

Goals in mind for PIMG

To develop institution at such level that it represents the nation in academic world through:

  1. Achieving academic excellence 
  2. Pedagogical innovations
  3. International and national exposure
  4. Attracting academically excellent and diverse students
  5. Providing a vast, qualified and skilled candidates for recruitments

Suggestions to the current youth and the aspiring students

The students should come with the attitude including:

  1. Openness to learn
  2. Readiness to take the risk
  3. Readiness to work in a challenging environment
  4. Have a vision
  5. Capability to work in teams