Interview by Yash Panchal

Dr. Shilpa Sanskpal

Dr. Shilpa Sankpal is the Associate Professor (Marketing) at PIMG Gwalior. She joined the institute in January 2007. She did her MBA in Marketing specialization from DAVV Indore. She has eight years of teaching experience. She has also worked as a Copy Writer and a Sub-broker in the past. Her area of interest is Marketing and organizational behavior. She has over thirty publications to her credit.

Dr. Sankpal’s experience in the education industry

At the beginning of my career, I dabbled in fields other than academics. I worked as a copywriter briefly, picked up short projects of selling financial products during college, did my internship at Govt of India Tourist Office and such. Academics felt like home immediately. Like any other field, it needs a lot of love and commitment to be a teacher, but I still find another thing that is unlike other fields. In any other field, watching a junior go ahead in live causes jealousy, but teaching is one profession, where the teacher takes pride of in how high and strong his/her students are becoming.

Dr. Sankpal’s philosophy of leadership

I think that a good leader is also a good follower. To imbibe and understand the organization’s core philosophy is what sets a good leader apart. I feel that I am a mix of both participative and authoritative leadership style.

Significant challenges faced as the Associate Professor of Prestige Institute of Management, Gwalior

Management teaching is a very competitive field. It is one where one’s daily and the basis of promotion are different. So, maintaining a balance between them is of value.

Dr. Sankpal’s insights on the importance of Sales & Marketing for MBA Students

Sales and Marketing are the bread and butter of all organization, whether they are or not. Socially responsible marketing is of vital importance these days, as is the need to curb excess consumption. Also, there is a paradigm shift in the way consumers are now being reached. Social Media and technology have made access easier and more typical than before.

Dr. Sankpal on her time management

The mantra of time management does not really change with position. Prioritizing is always the best thing to do, given that sometimes, number of things are on the to-do list, but the deadlines might differ or the consequences may carry asymmetrical . Also, no matter how things are, it is crucial that work-life balance is maintained, and some time is extracted for personal space as well. Since I enjoy reading and playing online scrabble, I find it crucial to give some time to these pursuits, without which I feel exhausted.

Dr. Sankpal on her time management

Curriculum of Prestige Institute of Management

The curriculum is dictated by Jiwaji University to which Prestige, Gwalior is affiliated. To add a more practical hand to the system, a system is in place to add value to the classroom teaching – containing innovative pedagogical tools, and out of class experiences including training with industry. Regular lectures are held at the institute. The institute has functional and social causes clubs where students flex their organizing skills and get exposure to the nuts and bolts of managing events. Students participate as volunteers and delegates and get acclimatized.

Changes noticed in the Education Industry over the past few years

One of the key things is that the student has to be a willing learner even after passing out from the institute. He has to be someone whose technical and soft skills are at par, and is dynamic.

Changes noticed in the Education Industry over the past few years

Growth of students through placement opportunities available at Prestige Institute of Management

A great placement can be the springboard to a great career ahead. Campus Placement at Prestige is thriving with competitive packages offered to students. In fact, there has been a steady growth in the number of opportunities and the packages that the final year students are getting. Students at PIMG are not only turning into job seekers but also into job givers.

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Dr. Sankpal on her relation with the students and her availability for them

PIMG has systems in place where students can easily approach any of their faculty in the institute. There is mentorship system that ensures that every class has a faculty concerned associated with them, such that for the entire duration of their stay in PIMG, a class is mostly handled by the same mentor – this establishes rapport between the class and the faculty. Also, in different capacities and in different committees, students are on an interaction with the faculty. I too have the same role within PIMG. I am mentoring a class, guiding students for projects and reports, and teaching different classes.

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Ideal school environment for Dr. Sankpal

According to me, an ideal environment in any academic institution is built upon respect and commitment of the stakeholders and an observance of value for others. Academic institutions are primarily centers for education, and that core value should never dilute. I believe in the same, and try to align my daily routine as per the same.

Ideal school environment for Dr. Sankpal

Top qualities that an aspiring Management Courses student must possess

The dream of aspirants is ultimately placements, and I believe that every management institute must commit to giving the best placement outcome to its enrolled students. The two years of education must drill in industry readiness for the students.

Goals in mind for PIMG for the next few years

PIMG is aspiring for autonomy - that is a major goal for the institute. Also, adding more courses at both postgraduate and undergraduate level is another aspiration of the institute in the coming years.

Suggestions to the current youth and the aspiring students

Before taking admission anywhere, a student must be very clear as to “why”, he or she wants to pursue the degree. Also, students should not take decisions on the basis of if their reference group is doing one thing, they too fall in line and do the same things. Taking informed decisions for yourself is critical. Also, education decides one’s future, and should never be pursued casually. Double check affiliations, and recognition of degrees by higher bodies before falling for any fancy degrees.