Interview by Yash Panchal

Dr. Tarika Singh, Professor in Finance at Prestige Institute of Management

Dr. Tarika Singh is presently Professor in Prestige Institute of Management. She has been in the profession with Prestige Gwalior for the last 12 years. Earlier she was employed with GE Money India in Operations Department. She was organizing secretary for 3rd International Conference organized in the month of December 2011. She is also a member of Indian Accounting Association. In addition, she is also an AMFI certified mutual fund advisor.

Dr. Singh did her Ph.D. in the area of Corporate Finance on the topic, “Comparison of Traditional Versus Economic Value Added as A Performance Measure: A Case Study Of Selected NSE Companies” in 2010 from Jiwaji University, Gwalior. She has coordinated and organized a research methodology workshop and Co-organized one international conference.She has headed and guided different groups in different case writing workshops, all the cases developed during these cases writing workshops have been published by European Case Clearing House. Dr. Singh has been on the Panel of Reviewers of a number of journals being published from India and abroad

Dr. Singh’s experience in the education industry and what makes it the best industry to work in

Education Industry is one of the places where one can get experience and exposure simultaneously. Over the period of time, the industry has changed much. The industry has moved on from basic courses to more specialized and industry-oriented ones. The education industry has revolutionized because of technology, but the success of technology still relies on skilled teachers.

The academics being the best industry to work with as it gives you scope to think differently as compared to other industries. One gets exposed to multiple perspectives on a particular thing. One may feel more empowered if he/she helps the other person through teaching. It is really satisfying and happy industry to work with.

Dr. Singh’s philosophy of leadership

“A true leader is one who doesn’t create more followers but more leaders”. As a part of Prestige family, I have always believed in the believing of strengths of others, valuing the expertise an individual possesses.  I believe in nurturing the relationship with others, pushing them better day by day. Ultimately, we all are here working for a common goal, i.e., to take the institute to new heights.

One of the essential qualities expected of Professors is leadership. The style they follow should include a diverse set of capabilities. I believe in both transformational to transactional leadership style.

Dr. Singh’s philosophy of leadership

Significant challenges faced by Dr. Singh as the Professor of Prestige Institute of Management, Gwalior

“Change” is the biggest challenge faced anytime. When one comes up with something new, it’s always challenging to make people accept it. The team at Prestige is very cooperative and helps you fight any kind of challenge.

Dr. Singh’s insights on the importance of Finance for MBA students

Finance is a subject of utmost importance for a student as well as for an individual. As a student, one should not only learn the concept of finance but also try to imbibe them in the personal life too. Financial wellbeing is important. Financial hardships can be stressful for a student and can affect the future success. Financial education and financial awareness ensure a happy ever life. Concepts of Finance though seem to be tough superficially but when learned, make you strong theoretically and monetarily.

Dr. Singh on her time management

A disciplined life is one of the important factors which lead to better time management. I try to keep track of the things to do in a diary. I try to adhere to deadlines, try not to procrastinate work. I try to efficiently utilize my time rather than wasting in unproductive activities.

Dr. Singh on her time management

Curriculum of Prestige Institute of Management

Prestige’s curriculum is timely updated in consultation with the industry and latest updates in the market. Prestige has its system of rigorous internal assessment wherein the internal assessment components have been designed and timely updated to give practical exposure and updated knowledge about the best things going around. Activities like class presentations, seminar presentations, group discussions, learning through movies, summer internship, live projects, hands-on workshops on different topics, Book Reviews, Industrial lectures and mock interviews, etc. make them up-to-date and industry ready.

Changes noticed in the Education Industry over the past few years and the skill set required by a corporate in a student

Education Industry has gone beyond books and premises of colleges. Earlier, proficiency in conceptual knowledge and percentage marks were considered as sole parameters of evaluating any student.  But because of the internet revolution and changing the external environment, students are no more expected to be a bookworm.  Corporates need people who are conceptually sound as well as practically smart. A student during his study time only should have gained expertise in industry, software awareness, smart in computers working and excellent communication skills. Basically, a student should have both hard and soft skills. The other thing which goes beyond saying is the ever-learning attitude which makes a student best fit in corporate.

Growth of students through placement opportunities available at Prestige Institute of Management

Prestige attracts students from all over the areas with different backgrounds and aspirations. As I mentioned earlier, as soon as the student enters Prestige, he/she continuously passes through different curricular and extra-curricular activities, which over a period of time make him/her placement ready. The institute makes the student go through “Finishing School” so that when the companies come for placements, students are ready to face them.  Prestige has over 100 companies visiting the campus at different point of time. Students get ample opportunities to face different campuses and get them selected. The students of Prestige are placed at Multinational, national and local level firms.

Though we provide placement opportunities to all the interested students, students are free to opt for setting up their own venture too. Prestige looks forward to calling more and more multinational companies to the campus. We are working on tie-ups with new corporates apart from the already existing ones.

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Dr. Singh on her relationship with the students and availability for them

We at Prestige are not just faculty or students, we all are a part of Prestige Family. Being family members, the respect and love automatically come. Starting from the head of the institute, we all follow open door policy. Any student can come and meet as well as discuss with the faculty anytime. As a faculty, I am always available for the constructive guidance that the students seek. The aim is to ensure that whenever there is a need for the student, the faculty is available. Apart from it, the institute has Mentorship system. Each class has a specific mentor assigned to it. Student can go and discuss the problems and seek direction from the mentor.

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Ideal school environment for Dr. Singh

A thing can be called ideal if it fulfills the purpose of its existence. An ideal business school environment happens to provide a congenial learning atmosphere to its students. An ideal business school has an environment conducive to the studies and holistic development of the student. We at Prestige, encourage this culture very much. Regular classes, attendance, comprehensive internal assessment, case studies, research, workshop, conferences, student festivals, student club activities, excursion tours, external event participation, (complete cost is borne by the institute) and management games encourage the ideal learning environment.

Ideal school environment for Dr. Singh

Top qualities that an aspiring Management Courses student must possess

Management courses are the ones which are never going to fade their shine. With more and more students aspiring for management courses, the competition to get admission in good management courses is getting higher. A student should be able to prove himself different from the others. It should be clear in his/her mind that why he/she is going for a management degree. The student should have good communication skills, leadership qualities, should be a quick learner, able to take initiatives and a positive attitude. One should be sincere, able to do hard work and be persistent in efforts.

Goals in mind for Prestige Institute

The institute has the vision of being one of the best B-schools in the world. Since the inception, small building steps are taken by founder members and family members to take it to the new heights of success. We are NAAC “A”, one of the best “A” rated and top 50 ranked business schools in the nation. We are also among top thousand business schools in the world.

In the next few years, institute aspires to get autonomous status, a research center of its own, start more vocational courses, get NBA accredited and expand its learning center in other parts of the nation. We do intend to come up with an institute outside India.

Suggestions to the current youth and the aspiring students

I would like to tell the youth that there is no alternative to hard work. Hard work always pays you back. Studies are same, once you work hard during your education, it will pay you back in the form of a handsome job with lucrative packages.

Aspiring students should study hard so that they are able to get admission in an institute where they can have their holistic development. While selecting a good institute, they should always check the ranking, placements, packages offered by the companies. They should visit the institute, see actual offer letters, interact with the faculty, and understand the student-based development activities. They should never go on looks as someone has rightly said, ”Looks can be deceptive”