Interview by Pratyasha

Sherwood College of Management

(Dr.) Kaushal Kishore Mishra is designated as the Director of Sherwood College of Management. His educational qualifications include M.B.A., M. Phil, NET and Ph.D. in Management. Additionally, he had worked with International Institute for Special Education, Lucknow as Director. He has also worked with Sagar Institute of Technology & Management, Barabanki as Head, Department of Master of Business Administration. Having work experience of 20 years, he has published 28 National and International journals. Dr. Mishra is a lifetime member of the National HRD Network, Hyderabad, Agra Chapter.

Experience in the Education Industry

Education sector helps people to learn either directly, by teaching or by supporting learners. It can involve learners of all ages, learning about any subject imaginable. Since 1999, I have been a part of the education industry and have taught only MBA and B.Tech students. I still teach management subjects and to me, it’s an amazing asset which I can cater to my students. 

Dr. Mishra has a well-defined leadership style

I believe that leadership depends upon three things i.e. Commitment, Followers and Trust. Among all, trust is the only thing that a leader must build among his team members. It can only be developed when a leader fulfils his commitments. 

According to me, the basic difference between a Manager and a Leader is that the former has to only focus on his area of work and perform a certain task but the latter are the ones who take interest in a lot of entrepreneurial activities and take decisions entirely. Therefore, to be an effective leader one should possess all these qualities and be responsible enough to manage everyone. 

Practical Training and Learning- Curriculum at SCM 

Sherwood College of Management is beyond the traditional rote learning that is generally practiced in the country. We have a judicious blend of theory and practice which prepares the student to function in a dynamic environment. We firmly believe that a careful application of fundamental concepts requires rigorous training and conscious effort to generate an ambience that encourages individual initiative. It provides students with incisive business acumen. 

What makes SCM stand-out! 

The college is known to have an affordable fee structure with the highest value for money in view of CTC offered. We have more than 27 years of legacy in imparting Management and Technical Education. Additionally, we have highly qualified and experienced faculty from reputed institutions like IIT’s, IIM’s and the University of London. We are also ranked among the top 51 business schools according to Business Survey India.

Major setbacks as a Director

As a Director, I have achieved everything that has come my way. The foremost challenge is that the students are lacking in terms of their career choices. It is so, because, they are not getting proper career counseling and mentoring. Keeping the trend in mind, it is my only challenge that needs to be fulfilled. It is necessary for them to take a firm decision in life. 

Mr. Mishra views on managing his time 

Managing one’s time requires continuous effort and planning because it starts with planning. Being a management institute, it requires a lot of efforts to put things in order. 

Everything needs to be properly planned, scheduled and executed. Depending on the type of work, it then, smoothens whether the work is relating to admissions, academics, placement of students or any other administrative activity; we are well planned in advance. They take place as per their planned schedule and whenever a thing is planned then managing time will never become a hurdle.

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Relationship with the students

I have that bent of mind to understand the mind set of students accordingly. I am good at reading them and in identifying their loop-holes. I, also, take classes to understand the problems and psyche of students better. With this, I am open through both professional and personal way for the students. 

Dr. Mishra on qualities required to build a brand

Since its inception in 1997, Sherwood College of Management has grown into a known Business School in the field of Management Education. The institute is working on the philosophy of imparting knowledge with values and ethics. We are committed to foster and nurture leaders capable of making a difference in the management of corporate India by influencing the management practices to integrate them globally. 

Also, in the last two decades, we have been successful in establishing a strong relationship with over two hundred reputes and there is a dedicated placement cell which caters to the needs of the students. 

Suggestions to the young generation

With the increasing competition, students must be focused on their career choices and future. A fickle-minded person will not be able to become a successful professional. The students must utilize their time accordingly and should get themselves involved in resourceful activities. It is necessary to boost one’s mind timely with simulated activities like physical exercise, reading, meeting new people and proper rest. Career choices are to be made once in a lifetime, therefore one must choose it wisely.