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Mr Anuj Malhotra is the Co-Founder and Director of Shikshapeeth College of Management and Technology. He has over 15 years of Experience in the Education Industry, which spans across operations, administration and Management Functions. He is also Chief Executive Officer (CEO) in Shiksha Online, which is India’s leading and Most Advanced Online Learning Website for Higher Education. During his Tenure with Shikshapeeth College of Management and Technology, he has established a new venture side by side i.e. Shiksha Online, which is India’s most advanced online learning platform for Higher Education. With his timeless wisdom, Hard work, Determination and Dedication, he is serving the students and Employees and giving them guidance in their respective fields. 

Timely efforts and hard work leads to attainment of full potential; it can be achieved via education

Education is an available opportunity for one and all, irrespective of discrimination of caste, creed or color, poverty or wealth, height or weight, and/or physical constitution. Education is a time-bound opportunity, which can be used productively. It brings transformation in one's life, and unlike the worldly possessions, no one can steal it from you.

Timely efforts and hard work certainly lead to the attainment of the full potential to explore a given platform into a better and amazing world. Youth is the future of our country, and it gives me immense satisfaction in helping students to make their bright careers. To take our country to heights of infinity, education is the best industry to work with.

We simultaneously provide the exposure of working in the corporate with the practical based learning programmes

Ideally armed with the meticulously selected/appointed faculty and administrative staff, and also influenced /guided by constant R&D, Shikshapeeth College curates a quality education model. Also, we impart practical based learning to the students through our unique Corporate Interface Programme, wherein a student undergoes On the Job Training (OJT) along with their classroom teaching simultaneously.

With our unique offering and Teaching Methodologies, we are committed to shaping the careers of our budding talent in the highly competitive modern world. Simultaneously, we sow seeds for them to participate in the development of taking our nation to new heights.

I take out time for one-to-one interaction with the students and always welcome their innovative ideas

I think of myself more from the perspective of a designer rather than a director. I always welcome young and creative thoughts/suggestions by the students and its meaningful implementation. As a matter of routine, once in a month, I take time for one-to-one interaction with the students. Besides, Shikshapeeth College already has another dedicated parallel platform viz. Students Grievances Cell (SGC) through which a student has the liberty to post any query any time, which is responded to within 24 hours, loaded with the transmitted information of the expected time within which the solution to the relevant query gets posted back.

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I encourage students to explore different domains and decide on their career path

As a Director of an institution, I never impose on students to explore a single career path. My job role is to nourish them and make foresee their future by exploring different domains. I always motivate them to continue hard work to grasp all-round global knowledge which is the only key that takes you to your desired goal/career automatically.

My dedicated efforts are always to remain updated according to the latest technology trends

My dedicated efforts are always to remain updated with all the available latest methodologies towards a better future with high placements compatible with student's acquired capability/talent. With the introduction of live Online classes right from the beginning of the year 2019, maintaining pace with the changing times and need of the hour, Shikshapeeth College has also introduced online platform wherein students can watch, recorded animated video lectures, and can take help of Personalized Online Academic Support to coordinate with the faculty members. 

Simultaneously, assisted and aided by Online Personalized Study Plan and Online Counseling Support, we keep working with the Advisory Cell consisting of eminent faculty members and IT experts to explore more and more avenues for the betterment of existing teaching methodologies.

Define you parameters to set your goals and be hopeful for the best to happen

The parameters that you can determine for your success are hard-work, determination, and dedication. At last, be hopeful for the best but prepare for the worst. Always keep a strong mind to face the storm, to face the harsh reality.

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The aim is to create and maintain a pleasant study atmosphere and passionate work environment

My role and responsibility towards college is at aiming to creating and maintaining a friendly/pleasant study atmosphere, be responsible and passionate towards your work. Also, my role towards students is to diversify their concentration on imparting education and make them believe in making quality life ahead.