Mangalmay Institute of Engineering and Technology - [MIET], Greater Noida

Mangalmay Institute of Engineering and Technology - [MIET], Greater Noida

Greater Noida, Uttar Pradesh AICTE, MHRD | Estd 2002 AKTU, Lucknow Private NAAC

Having a Transformational Leadership style, Mr. Mangal suggests to follow your heart while choosing a career path!

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Interview by Kritika Gupta

Mangalmay Group of Institutions

Mr. Anuj Mangal, designated as the Vice-chairman of Mangalmay Group, is a resolute and determined entrepreneur and educationalist by heart. He holds an MBA, M.Com. and B.Com. He has nearly 28 years of hard-core experience in the industry. Earlier, he has 28 years of hard-core experience. He was member of Jaipur Stock Exchange since the year 1988 and 1995 onwards he was Member of National Stock Exchange.

In conversation with Mr. Mangal, shares his views on education sector in India and tells about his life missions and more.

Factors keeping Mr. Mangal’s connected to the education sector

With India emerging as a Global Superpower within the next 15 years, the education sector is encountering a paradigm shift to meet the demands of such a status. The need of Management Graduates, Teachers, Bio-Technologists, Engineers, and IT Specialists is so high that inter-alia a large slice of the potential population can convert into the employable strata. Despite, the global financial meltdown and its cascading effect on the Indian Economy, Job opportunities continue to be plenty, and career opportunity abound.

We seek to propose a fertile breeding ground for desirable managers and Engineers. An academic ethos, supplemented by state-of-the-art infrastructure, committed & qualified faculty, a pro-active culture, and a focused approach have enabled Mangalmay to attain an honorable position among the community of premier institutes. We endeavor to equip our students with the behavioral skills of adaptability and flexibility and a high Emotional Quotient such that they can cope and triumph over the turbulent business environment. 

We further assure you that, given a wide choice of colleges, Mangalmay stands apart as a temple of excellence, one where the quest for perfection never ends, an institute with a difference. Some of the critical skills which inspired me to be connected with the educational sector are adaptability, Dedication to work, Communication skills, Creativity, Enthusiasm, improving our countries economy, management Skills, Knowledge and Financial power and finally the ability and will to do something for the society derived me to be connected with the education system. 

Leadership style and philosophy

As VC, I always believe in transformational leadership, which is always found to be positive for Institutions. I still think that faculties job satisfaction and commitment to their work is directly related to the leadership style employed by their director and management. 

As leaders in an educational institution, I always believe in holistic development, which enables students, teachers, parents, and community to genuinely feel that they are an essential and integral part of an institutions culture. To accomplish this goal, administrators must have an understanding of transformational, transactional, instructional, and inspirational leadership styles and how they can function together to create an integrated leadership model.

Strategies opted to promote the institute

Online Digital Marketing is one of the best way to promote an Institute. Online digital promotion gives us the opportunity to build our brand, online presence, unlimited customers for long time. For any Institute, best marketing way is that from where we can generate leads. Other ways to spread awareness about the same – 

  • Promote website through SEO
  • Promote website in Social media/ messaging channels – Facebook, Whatsapp, Twitter, LinkedIn and more.

Before starting online promotion, it is the best way to analyze competitor Institute and marketing strategies they are performing. Another approach that works is to make students reviews videos and testimonials about institute facilities like about trainers, lab facilities, placement facilities, etc and make them online video channels like YouTube.

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Top reasons that makes Mangalmay Institute standout 

There are various reasons which specify that study in Mangalmay provides more benefit to the students as compared to the other colleges in Greater Noida. The following are the top six reasons to study in Mangalmay:

  • Teaching Methodology

Mangalmay Institute follows contemporary management education methodologies, delivered by experienced professionals and encourages lifelong learning through experiential techniques such as Case study administration, Power Point Presentation, Peer to Peer Learning.

  • Learning through Experiences

Mangalmay Institute provides Industry Mentorship, Guest Lectures by Industry experts, E-learning, Theatre Technique, Role Plays, Field Researches, Assignments, Presentations, Workshops, Panel Discussions, Research Projects, Teamwork. The Institute also organizes a bi-monthly academic activity – Industry Awareness Programme (IAP). This activity is unique of its kind. Every time an industry is taken up e.g., Automobiles, Pharmaceuticals, FMCG, Telecommunication, etc. All the students are divided into different groups and each group is given an industry on which they make presentation. Such academic activities make Mangalmay among the best BBA Colleges in Greater Noida.

  • Placement Services

The placement cell of the Institute called, Corporate Resource Division (CRD) keeps a track of various companies and trends in job-market with the objective of providing the right candidates in the right organizations. Mangalnay has been able to create a name and fame in the arena of placing the students. So many companies visit here to handpick the students. Record placements have made Mangalmay to retain its position in the top BBA colleges in Greater Noida.

  • Scholarships

Scholarship Programme is an added advantage to the students studying here. Meritorious students, who are scholars in real sense, are given scholarships to study. This also helps the needy students who are financially weak but academically strong and want to build their career. There is a whole list of BBA Colleges in NCR but Mangalmay has been able to top the list this year also.

  • Mentor-Mentee concept

Here in Mangalmay, we practice the concept of Mentor-Mentee relationship. Under this, every student is taken as mentee and assigned to a faculty mentor who takes care of the student throughout his studies. Student’s strengths, weaknesses, interests, career objectives, everything is personally taken care of by the concerned faculty mentor. Thus, the student studies her in a guided atmosphere. This unique concept has made Mangalmay Best BBA college in NCR.

  • Newspaper Reading Concept

Every morning the class starts with Newspaper reading activity. Every student reads English newspaper rotation wise. Difficult words are noted and meaning searching, sentence formation activities and more are done. This helps the student to have command over English language and by the time he graduates, he is well to do in English language. Such kind of activities has made Mangalmay Institute to carve a position in the league of Top BBA colleges in NCR.

Thus, we can say that there are so many reasons to study in Mangalmay and if someone takes a decision to study here, it will be a great decision. These are very crucial and life changing decisions, hence one should take due care in making such decisions.

Mangalmay promise to deliver industry ready student

We are a high growth institution falling amongst top 10 professional colleges in Delhi/NCR that has always done things differently. We value out of the square thinking, innovative ideas, and new creative approaches that have the potential to change the world. No stone is unturned in providing quality education, which helps spark within Mangalmay students to learn more into roaring flame, that will help students in becoming leaders of tomorrow.

Although we value effort, we do not think that “trying” is enough. We value the actual achievement of results. Hence, Mangalmay Group envisions management education with a focus on quantitative difference by focusing on holistic development across all specialization. Analytical skills and decision-making ability are developed in the students through the use of case studies and simulations, which instils a culture which encourages leadership potential.

We believe in Experimental and Case-based Learning, follow a globally benchmarked curriculum, Erudite Faculty with rich Industry experience, have a robust industry Interface and Placement opportunities for students, invite the alumni for sharing their expertise and conduct many workshop and seminars to keep students interacted and updated with today’s world and the need for industry. 

Mangalmay Group of Institutions through its professional program is committed to engrave leadership and management skills in their students which is not only restricted to classroom sessions but is achieved through a host of initiatives to initiate and develop the entrepreneurial spirit among our students.

Institution devotion to grow the society

We provide scholarships to economic weaker groups and we also have a subsidized fee structure for girls under the Beti Bachao, Beti Padao Abhiyaan. We provide extra tutorial classes to economically weaker classes and socially under privileged students.

Check Mangalmay Group of Institutions Placement

Roles and Responsibilities as the VC

I consider it my duty to work for the betterment of the institute and society in every way possible. I am not that person who needs to be reminded/ told to do tasks or work at the given point of time. I feel it is my responsibility to bring in an eco-system of research orientation and to make the Institute one of the finest in the World for research.

Secondly, to ensure that the sizeable portion of fund requirements come from Alumni and own corpus funds. This will restrict interference and bring independence to the way the Institute is being managed to promote research.

Last but not the least, to ensure that the research is not just academic, but is useful to industry, through a proper, appropriate, and effective industry-academy relationship to be fostered on a sustainable basis.

Focus on the employability of the students, with appropriate skill development, including soft skills and more.

USP of Mangalmay Institute

The distinctiveness of Mangalmay Institute of Management and Technology consists primarily in creating for its faculty and students an ambiance that provides a ‘holding environment’ - a psychological space that is both safe and uncomfortable. ‘Safe’ because a ‘holding environment’ is what we all need to grow and blossom a supportive environment. ‘Uncomfortable’ because in such a situation, one also promotes ‘disruptive creativity.’

Such an environment is the natural result of the following strengths of the Institute:

  • It is adherence to its foundational concepts that have laid out the trajectory of its growth plan.
  • Outstanding Human Resource Management system to ensure ‘a shared vision, a cohesive team, and an engaging work culture.’
  • Meticulously planned and implemented personal and professional development programs for its faculty and students.
  • Well-oiled governance structure and administrative mechanisms to ensure speedy implementation of all developmental plans.
  • Relentless efforts at attaining the best possible balance between growth and sustainability.
  • Clear commitment to be responsible stewards of the extraordinary campus it is blessed with by a meticulous devotion to ensuring biodiversity, eco-consciousness, and reverence for the gifts of nature.

Taken together, these strengths have contributed in ample measure towards the creation of a culture in the Institute that is uniquely our own, that energizes us in all that we do, and knits us together into one educative community.

Suggestions to the generations to come

Listen to your heart and choose a career path. Commit yourself to excel in it. Do not look for immediate security. Do not look for shortcuts. Remember that you are a member of the society first, and then a professional. So, you have a responsibility towards society too. Realize that your well-being lies in the well-being of all others around you..

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