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K.S.G. College of Arts and Science, Coimbatore

K.S.G. College of Arts and Science, Coimbatore

Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu AICTE | Estd 2001 BU, Coimbatore Private

Dr. Nazeema T.H. requests students to take up life skills as their priority and master them

Interview by Arjun Verma



Dr. Nazeema T.H. is currently working as the Principal of KSG College of Arts and Science, Coimbatore. She has 20 years of experience in the field of teaching, administration, leadership, and research and her previous experience includes working as the Director of Admissions, Director of Post-Graduation and research at RVS College of Arts and Science, Head of the Department of Biochemistry at RVS College. She started her career as the Assistant Professor in Biochemistry at Sree Narayana Guru College.

Dr. Nazeema has a very good academic record from her School till her doctorate and she was a University Gold medalist at Bharathiar University. She is the recipient of the Best Faculty award from Nehru College among the teachers of South India and has also received Best Faculty awards from RVS College and Sree Narayana Guru College during her academic tenure at these institutions. She has also received Dr.RadhaKrishnan Gold medal award for her contribution towards teaching and research and the best Alumni award for the work rendered as the Vice President of the Alumni association at Sri Ramakrishna College of Arts and Science for Women.

Dr. Nazeema T.H on her experience in the education industry

I had started this profession as a lecturer. I was passionate about teaching right from my younger days and during my Post Graduation, I took a seminar where my staff said that, I was teaching like a teacher and that is when I decided to become one. And so after my M.Sc, I took up the job of an Assistant professor at Sree Narayanan Guru College of Arts and Science. During my tenure, I got the depth of my subject, where I was able to correlate the subject matter at different angles of Biochemistry which I had not acquired during my higher studies. This provoked a thought in me regarding the education given in all the Higher Educational Institutions

After about 8 years, I was selected as the HOD of Biochemistry at RVS College of Arts and Science. It was a different experience altogether as it was an autonomous college, that gave me the freedom to do a lot of work on the syllabus by incorporating practical concepts which would be applied in the industry. This is how education industry inspired more into me. While working as the HOD, we realized that we were very low on admissions and decided to work on boosting it and that is how I became the admission Director, wherein, I discovered my passion in administration also. In 2018, I became the Principal of KSG College. My reason for taking up this post was being able to do a lot of things for the younger generation through education. According to me, this is the best Industry to work with, because you get a chance to mould the younger generation on their thought process and also would be able to inculcate social responsibility. You get a chance to teach them things that had not been provided during their schooliate education. In the longer run, this also gives a chance to create a younger generation who can bring change in the nation.

Dr. Nazeema’s leadership style is the manner and approach to inspire, lead and motivate teammates

My philosophy on leadership is that a leader should be able to take his/her teammates along. Traditionally, we had seen that there were leaders as Rajas who would boss around but today the scenario has changed. A leader should be able to assess and judge a person’s capability. And once that is done the right job must be assigned to the right person. This allocation is extremely important in leadership. The 2nd skill that a leader must possess is to have the right attitude to deal with people. Managing people is an art and a good leader should be a master of it.

I am still on the learning process and where am still learning and assessing myself to find out what kind of leadership is good for the team and adapt my leadership style based on the situation. At times I am a democratic leader and the rest of the times I am authoritative. Yet, am not bossy when things are not done on time. I have to make the team understand and at such times I take up a dominative role too.

Significant challenges faced by Dr. Nazeema as the Principal of K.S.G. College of Arts and Science

The significant challenge is to create an awareness to the students about the green environment and to inculcate a social responsibility. Today students are into technological dreams forgetting the importance of their contribution to the development of our nation.

KSG curriculum

Regarding the curriculum at KSG, It has implemented value-added programs in each and every department which cater to the industry needs. Since we have students from Tamil Medium schools also, we render an exclusive communicative English classes and Personality development classes which grooms these students so as to fit in the Industry. The commerce students are rendered with a Tally program while the Computer Science students excel themselves on Artificial Intelligence. The students are given hands-on training in two of their domains related to their subject.

Placement opportunities available at K.S.G. College

As a Principal, I am pretty confident that the huge placement opportunities for KSG is in hands right now already. Still, more number of companies have come forward to take up the students from KSG into their organization. And, we are communicating with the HR of the various core companies pertaining to the departments available which leads to our vision of making more student entry into these companies apart from the IT field.

An open relationship with the students being the Principal of K.S.G College

Being the Principal of KSG, a growing college, which in itself needs a lot of interaction among all the students starting from the first year Undergraduate to the second year Postgraduate students so as to know their requirements and to make this Institution a student-centric one.

Students are not only interacted for their academics but also for the sports, extracurricular activities, health issues and also in motivating them for creating a social responsibility within them. Students are also asked to give their feedbacks related to their interested placements and about their expectations which is not being fulfilled. This feedback tells us the student needs for their up-liftment of their career.

An ideal school environment

Our ideal school environment is to give more autonomy to students in making wise decisions on certain issues related to the college and thereby creating critical thinking, analytical reasoning, intuitive approach and problem-solving skill among students. More responsibility would be given to students in deciding on the course which they need to study, question bank preparation and also in engagement of organizing various events.

Goals for making students great analytical thinkers

In the next few years, the institution would be heading towards reaching its vision in making our students as great analytical thinkers and having utmost critical reasoning power in them.

The institution would be reaching its autonomous status and would thrive to be a great University rendering the best to the younger community.

Suggestions for current youth and the aspiring students

The current youth should start thinking about the nation’s growth. Their contribution to society concern is the need of the hour. Let’s start having a sense of protecting our natural resources. As students, I would request all of you to take up life skills as your priority and master them. My best wishes to you for taking up great challenges in life and to become a person who could bring change to the nation for a better living.

Last Updated - 31 Oct 2018

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