Interview by Yash Panchal


Dr. S. Ranganathan is currently working as the Director of KSG College of Arts and Science. His educational qualifications include B.Sc Hons (Applied Accounting),(Oxford Brookes University, U.K) B.Com, LLB, B.Ed., M.Ed(Business), CAIIB, M.Com(Banking and Finance), MBA(Finance and Talent Management), M.Phil (Finance), DBA(Management Accounting),  ACCA(UK). He possesses a whopping 42 years of work experience. He has guided 2 Ph.D., 5 M.Phil. and 100 Master’s students. He served as Principal, Director of Management schools in India and as Dean in International Universities.

He has conducted 450 FDPs and training programs, 200 in abroad and 250 in India. He is known for preparing students for employment opportunities. He has published over 100 National papers, 55 International papers, articles and cases in the areas of Financial Management, Education and Talent Management(HR). He has chaired several sessions in International conferences in the major themes of Banking, Finance, Accounting and Training

Dr. Ranganathan’s vivid experience in the education industry

I joined the education field in 1986 after my leaving a bank job where I was employed after my graduation in 1974. I initially did not want to join this ocean of knowledge since I felt that I could be a misfit at that point of time, education was becoming a dearer program as it was more of ‘business’ venture by entrepreneurs and I did not want to be scoffed in that. But when I met my mentor who was Principal in an Anglo Indian school who wanted that people like me with practical experience in the corporate world can bring a change in the classroom teaching and learning. He also motivated that with such experience as well as communication skills, I could eventually grow in the system which threw a lot of opportunities and he offered me a job also in the school to start with.

I could never look back as the pupils’ response to my teaching was positive and encouraging. This further enabled me to know more about the nuances of ‘teaching’ as a source of immense pleasure and fulfillment.

The leadership style of Dr. Ranganathan

Having held similar and higher positions in academic institutions of higher learning both in India and abroad the job is quite easy to handle. Also the fact that at a young age of 32, I had held positions of eminence in higher education institutions, I am able to perform as required to the vision and mission of any institution and KSG is no exception in this.

Preparing for the challenges as the Director of Director of K.S.G. College of Arts and Science

Being experienced in this position for several years, I am able to foresee issues and hence prepare myself to such challenges amiably. Institutions which are in the growth stage face a number of challenges starting with admissions to faculty building and on to infrastructure. These are faced over a period of time with the strength of the institution picking up through strategic marketing plans that also included band d building, results and placements.

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The curriculum of KSG ensuring best practice of industry

Since the institution is an affiliated one with the university, the curriculum is provided by them which is a compendium of inputs from various sources that also involves industry and commerce.

Providing part-time job opportunities

KSG has a strategy of enabling part-time job opportunities for a student through the placement cell. This is being enhanced with the participation from recruitment agencies in job fairs and other direct recruitment plans.

Developing a friendly relation with the students

I use social media and technology to be in constant contact with the students. I also handle classes to be in close rapport with them. Greeting them every day a ‘happy’ morning is part of my agenda and this enables me to be in a good relationship with my boys and girls.

An ideal school environment includes open leadership

I believe in a culture of ‘open’ leadership where I reach my colleagues and students directly. I also ensure ‘galaxy’ in the classroom by stretching any discussion to the outside world, thus enabling out-of-the-box thinking by students.

Future goals in sight for KSG

With the firm belief that ‘what you are today…we were yesterday and what we are today…. you will be tomorrow’’ I am committed to ‘an average teacher teaches, a good teacher demonstrates and the best teacher inspires’.

Suggestions for the youth

With opportunities pouring and materials available at a click of the mouse, it is indeed a golden period ‘to learn and loft to successes’.