Interview by Arjun Verma


Dr. Umesh Neelakantan is currently working as the Principal of DC School of Management and Technology, Kerala.

Dr. Umesh Neelakantan on his experience in the education sector

My personal experience in education requires a heritage fillip to be added and my family background speaks about the continuity of its interest. My parents were academicians and also my brothers have proven that this professional discipline is worthy for its status.

Adding on to this, I have a total experience of more than 23 years in the industry, effectively interfaced and interlinked with academics.

According to Dr. Umesh leadership is not a self-entitled philosophy

Leadership is not a self-entitled philosophy it’s a value of a person who gets substantiated when people understand the value of the thoughts being associated with.

Style is not a demand by itself or it doesn’t get generated/cultivated because of an individual’s power and authority. Rather, it gets the status of being absorbed when the contexts of delegation comprehend empowerment as the best practice notion.

The curriculum we follow is designed to be re-engineered

The curriculum being practiced will not alone be focused on subjective lines but it can be re-engineered for attaining the objectives set. At DCSMAT, every year the entire curriculum is intrinsically critiqued with the help of industry experts and academicians. This becomes an integral part of Consistent and continuous progress

Rules and responsibility of a principal

Designation of a Principal is not individualistic but it’s deemed to be independent of the basic nomenclature of personal wishes. The fact of the story doesn’t end here, the connecting link of Principal with the students will never have a personal equation but will institutionalize the role of being socially affiliated. Decisions have been taken and will be in tandem with the institutional code of conduct and not with a personal statement of inference.

Opportunities grows by providing necessary nourishment

We never establish the position of our institute as a placement agency. Rather we make sure that the function of a student is systematically defined as a destined attribute of the learning outcome. When the destined attribute of learning integrates with the requirements of an industry profile, opportunities grows by providing necessary nourishment to the nurturing profiles to make the platform of progress as an assurance for the student's endeavour.

Courses that DCSMAT offers

DCSMAT – DC School of Management and Technology offers undergraduate courses such as B.Com, BBA, and BA-Visual Arts and this is apart from the parental and the significant MBA program. In addition, the campus has an adjacent institute named DC School of Architecture and Design, which offers B.Arch course.

Qualities that an aspiring student must possess

Previously, people used to quote about deprived and privileged class. Since the characteristic of “generation next” thought has emanated and also the middle class has taken up the challenge for positioning their dreams into the mainstream, it will be fundamentally applicable for every honoured citizen of this country to associate themselves with a proactive mindset. Hence the aspiring manager necessarily requires to be amenable and radical on situational contexts, crisis managers, powerful listeners, street smart and powerful orators, technologically absorbed, the high proximity of being fast and dependable and most importantly without being just a glorified value creator.

Empowering a competitive institutional platform in the global scenario

Heritage of this institute connects to the fact that 24/7 has lived up with the expectation of the student's fraternity since inception in 2002. Academics places on record and the accountable parameters of characterizing this institution as a real progress. Goals set are in consonance with the fact that students are absorbed as part and parcel of this residential system and hence empowered with the doable aspects. We have been able to characterize an institute of excellence where the culture connects with the status of academic integrity, curricular recognitions, social interface, and professional propriety. Next five years will cultivate the dominant attributes for making the institutional platform competitive in the global scenario.

An ideal school environment

The institute propagates the factual status of 24/7 residential system. The energy level in people never dissipates, thanks to the privilege climatic condition existing (an average temperature of 18-20 degrees maintained). This provides great space for making the physique of people highly connected and also to ensure the intellectual interests to be passionate. Thus the cultural habit is supplemented and complemented through the system.

Suggestions for students and parents

Academics should not be seen as a platform for creating percentages of marks/grades alone. Rather, academics should make the available resources as a practicing notion of- learning excellence.