Interview by Pratyasha

Nirma University

Dr. Madhuri Bhavsar is currently designated as the Head of the Computer Science and Engineering Department at Nirma University. She has more than 25 years of teaching experience and is registered as a Ph.D. guide in the University. With this, she has published nearly 40 research papers in both International and National journals.

Dr. Bhavsar views on Education Industry

I have been associated with the education industry for the past 25 years. I believe that the fulfillment of this industry should not be measured in terms of its materialistic benefits. One should be capable of shaping different kinds of brains to learn the correct things in life.

As an engineering educator, I have experienced that an individual need not only to be convincing but also open in learning the rapidly changing technology. When a student succeeds in his/her life, the feeling of satisfaction and pride that an educator gain is an unmatchable perk that any other industry can provide.

Education industry provides respect, the exposure to meet several people and having connections with alumni across the globe. A couple of years back this industry was a typecast and was truly best for women due to the nature of work. However, the scenario is changing and with handsome monetary benefits associated with the job, it is pulling in the best educators making the industry better than ever before.

Dr. Bhavsar believes “Success can be gained with a great team”

Being the HOD at Nirma University, it allows me to lead cream of the students from all over the country. I believe leading is not ordering but doing it hands on. If the leader follows the ethics and is truthful, all the subordinates will follow the same, and everything falls in place in time.

Also, I believe in taking the responsibility of any mistake by my subordinates and strive to correct it without demotivating the people involved. At the same time, I think that success is gained only because of a great team. There are no bounds for any of my teaching staff because they are free to work their way out at their level best. I try to become available for them if the need arises. In short, I can describe my leadership style as positive, participative and authoritative.

Placement Opportunities at Nirma University

The placement opportunities at Nirma University has always been astonishing, especially for the computer science department. It has been 100% for years now. Our students are being recruited in the leading companies like Intel, Infosys, Samsung, Amazon, STMicroelectronics, Morgan Stanley, Golmansaches, and many more.

With the value installation that happens with students during their B.Tech, here in the University, they get further career opportunities leading them to work with world-leading companies like Microsoft, Google, Eros International, etc. The curriculum has been kept up to date with the changing industry demands. The University ensures to involve active industry personnel for syllabus designing, taking regular feedback for industry regarding our existing and planned syllabus, taking inputs from alumni and practicing practically oriented teaching are some of the activities that we go along with to ensure that our curriculum provides best practices of the industry.

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Challenges faced as HOD at the University
The only challenge that I have felt is that sometimes it becomes difficult to cope up with time as administrative, academic and research activities are always at its fullest level.

Dr. Bhavsar entrusts the students with their decisions

I always believe in giving students a voice in the class. I allow them to make their own decisions on expectations, classroom activities, and assignments. I am available during break time as far as possible and keep students updated about my availability by posting relevant updates on my website.

A friendly teacher is the key to success of their students

An ideal environment for any school can be established where a student or teacher can easily express their ideas without any hesitation. The students are mature enough by the time they reach the college level, so freedom works better than forming boundaries. The research inclination of teachers must be respected. Every type of skill must get an equal opportunity to be represented. When it comes to the teacher-student relationship, an ideal school environment starts shaping when a teacher becomes friendly with the student.

Managing time as the Head of the Dept.

My first step to managing the time is that I try to invest some time with the right people for the right task. Although time is very difficult to optimize, I keep procrastination at bay. This helps me to execute my daily plan efficiently. I always keep a written note of every task at hand, and it has always helped in accomplishing the job in time. Thanks to Google calendar.

Goals for the department

The main goal is to expand the departmental growth horizontally and vertically in research and quality education. Also, establishing a Centre of Excellence in Computer Engineering is another goal. I am aiming to provide the best placement to the students in best industries giving rise in the scale.

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Suggestions to the young generation

The current youth is headed clearly and confidently in everything they do. Whatever they wear or do, deep inside they are still having and practicing Indian traditional values which makes me happy. My students have surpassed my books for me in being my learning resource. I just have a simple suggestion for such a fantastic generation - Be truthful and ethical, everything else will fall in place