Interview by Kritika Gupta

Nirma University

Dr. Vikas Janardhan Lakhera is designated as the Professor and HOD of Mechanical Engg. at Institute of Technology, Nirma University. He has more than 25 years of teaching experience. His qualification includes - Ph.D. from IIT Roorkee, ME and BE from MSU Baroda. His area of interest comprises Computational and Experimental Heat Transfer, Energy Studies, Thermal Insulation Systems.

In an exclusive interview with, Dr. Lakhera shares his views on the education industry and his goals for the institution.

Experience in the education industry

My experience in the education field is satisfying. The opportunity to learn continuously and also help students grow makes it the best field to work in.

Dr. Lakhera leadership philosophy and style

A good leader sets an example, and he/ she must show the path to its colleagues to follow. Also, consideration of human act and empathy should not be lost. It is a choice between being right, and being kind, be kind and you will be right.

Standard of curriculum at Nirma University

The curriculum at Nirma University is updated regularly. It is revised considering the updation in technology and upcoming trends so that the students are industry ready in every way possible.

Challenges faced as the Professor and HOD of Mechanical Engg.

The challenge is to continue being a good teacher and an administrator simultaneously.

Methods opted to build a healthy relation with the students

Students have access to all faculty mentors through email or in person. In case, a student needs to contact or connect with me, he/ she is addressed as soon as possible.

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Ideal school environment as per Dr. Vikas

Learning and overall development of student personality and providing proper facilitation is the ideal academic environment. All the students are encouraged to participate in all academic co-curricular and extra-curricular activities.

How to manage time at this position

For me, I follow this simple step - Do the task that can be done by oneself and is meant for you or delegate the task to someone appropriate. Make sure to take regular follow-ups for the delegated task. Managing time becomes easy when you love your work.

Goals for the department in the coming years

I want our department to nurture in terms of faculty and I want it to expand it in India and abroad. We aim to provide the students with better placement and internship opportunities, in a national and international organization.

Suggestions to the youth and aspiring students

All I have to say to them is to - Be open to technology, trends and have an awareness of cross domain knowledge. Mathematical and computational aptitude is always a plus advantage. Be connected to society and address the issues with your engineering knowledge wherever required. Also, never be disheartened by failures and keep working towards your goals!