RCP Bhopal

Dr.S K Lahariya, is the current serving Director of Radharaman College of Pharmacy. He has 20 years of experience in the academic field and has a keen & enthusiastic personality. He works in a team, and also motivates the faculty for their development. He has published 25+ national and international journals in reputed UGC approved journals. He has attended various conferences and workshops nationwide. He has interest in the field of photochemistry and has worked on various medicinal plants and formulated various herbal drugs.

I adopt synergetic strategy to engage with the students and the instructors

My administration style is a transformational initiative, where I adopt a synergistic strategy to engage all the students and instructors to have a state in their dynamic procedures and empower an aggregate objective setting.This renders a feeling of shared reason among the students and instructors and sets establishment for development and achievement. I accept that individuals around us can grow just by help, gainful connections and offering instructional help. I generally attempt my best to assemble this kind of connection and condition around me as this imparts trust, reverence, steadfastness, and regard, which brings about better execution and assurance. This has likewise helped in making a decent workplace for the instructors and a decent learning condition for students. 

It is hard to enlist excited and talented drug specialist educator

We have faced numerous challenges in our journey. The difficulties looked by me till now include: just brilliant students, some with flawless tertiary passage scores are admitted to pharmacy courses nowadays. Students and graduates become baffled when they invest their time in-network pharmacy, on account of low standards of training in numerous pharmacies. 

We likewise think that it's hard to enlist an excited and talented drug specialist educator. An excited instructor assumes a significant job in tutoring and cultivating advancement in students so they can take that forward in their expert life. This will have a noticeable effect on advancing the nature of drugs, which will add to preventive medicine services.

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We guarantee to make the foundation strong of the students

Educational program in Radharaman College of Pharmacy guarantees to make the foundation strong by instilling the diagnostic manner of thinking in the psyches of students. This makes them part of the research organization of disparate masterminds guzzled with unique thoughts. 

We give youngsters driven training where we make a feeling of interest in their psyches, which turns into an inspirational power behind their difficult work and greatness. We trust in benchmarking rehearsals where we continually question ourselves: Are we performing superior to what we have done before? How can we improve ourselves while moving forward? Chipping away at these inquiries persistently has helped in guaranteeing that our educational plan is best practice in the industry.

For continuous development of the Institution, placements play a significant role

For the continuous development of the institution, placements play a significant role. In our school, we focus on the position and we put students in the presumed Pharmaceutical enterprises.We put emphasis on helping prepare the students through mock interviews. This makes them feel confident, and get them placed in a reputed pharmaceutical business.

Inquisitiveness in the students is generated by being a friend to them

Being a chief of Radharaman School of Pharmacy, I set up a relationship with the students through an organized situation. This makes the students realize that we have their wellbeing in our psyche and they trust us. I usually instill fun and energy in the students, which garner their interest and makes them inquisitive. Settling their questions and helping them in their troubles makes a decent bond among us and furthermore boosts their learning potential.

A perfect school ensures safe learning and address the issues of the students

A perfect school condition attempts to manufacture safe learning spaces for students. A perfect school condition pulls in educators who are proficient, care about understudy learning, and adjust their guidance to address the issues of their students.

Our educators are pharmacy aficionados and help students in each challenge they face and we together find feasible answers. We have great labs, appropriate inn for guests, and exacting decisions while developing society, and habits among the students. We, at Radharaman College of Pharmacy, have a strategy to put the necessities and enthusiasm of youngsters first. Thus, we have made a reasonable program that perceives the estimation of "entire kid".

More development in the organization, learning and innovations is the future goal

Radharaman Group of Institution is the best organization in focal India, and best in Madhya Pradesh. We are attempting to make more development in the organization regarding the endorsement of venture reserves, learning advancements, and innovations that ought to be presented in our establishment.

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Do not lose trust after certain disappointments, consistency leads to progress

My guidance to the adolescent and hopeful students is to act straightforward and direct. Acclaim what others progress admirably, and don't be hesitant to talk with the instructors about your weaknesses. Try not to lose trust after certain disappointments. Recall that long difficult work and consistency lead to progress. I wish all the students of Radharaman gathering of foundations, to accomplish an objective in their life.