Interview by Yash Panchal


Dr. A.V. Naresh Babu is currently the Professor & HOD at VVIT Guntur. His educational qualifications include B.Tech, M.Tech and Ph.D. He holds a total experience of more than 15 years. He is a recipient of several awards and recognitions. 23 of his research papers have been published in international journals and 1 paper in national journal. He has presented his research papers in 15 international and 05 national conferences.

Experience in the education industry

I am in the teaching profession by choice - not by chance and it is a really good experience for me. I strongly believe that the young burden engineers can be moulded in the right direction by a teacher.

Strategies to help learners who are underachieving in the classes

  • Explaining the technical concepts with more fundamentals using daily life examples.
  • More practice for problems in the subject with general procedure.
  • Continuous monitoring the slow learners.
  • Motivational videos to inspire the students.

Views on the quality of students in VVIT

The quality of the students is good. But, the interest level to learn the concepts is gradually reduced compared to previous batches.

Strategies to ensure the excelling of students

A Brainstorming session, Tic-Tac-Toe, and technical quiz are conducted to create more interest in my subject.

Challenges to tackle as the HOD in VVIT

It’s a really significant challenge to face NBA committee as HOD in VVIT within a month. Because it is not so easy to collect all the activities documentation in the department for the last 3 years as per the requirement.

Curriculum ensuring best practices of the industry

The internships and real-time case studies must be included in the curriculum to make the students ready for the industry.

Ensuring the quality of education in VVIT

  • Counseling and motivation place an important role in their goals by reducing the influence of teenage issues.
  • The internships and real-time case studies must be included in the curriculum to make the students ready for the industry.
  • Continuous monitoring of the slow learners.

Establishing a relation with the students

The relation must be good and healthy such that the student will never forget the faculty and college.

Dr. Naresh Babu’s philosophy of leadership

I strongly believe that the leader (HOD) is not the BOSS. He may be the senior member, can coordinate all the activities in the department without any partiality. He is the coordinator for all the activities in the department as per the guidelines of the principal and management.  

Suggestions for the current youth and the aspiring students

  • The hard work and self-discipline plays an important role in the success of a student.
  • The students must be sincere and responsible to meet their parents’ expectations.
  • The students must be committed towards their goals.
  • The students must be all-rounders.