Interview by Yash Panchal

VVIT Guntur

Dr. K. Giri Babu is currently working as the Professor & HOD- ECE in VVIT Guntur. His educational qualifications include B.Tech, M.E and Ph.D. He has experience of 21 years in teaching. He has received “Best Researcher Award” from JNTU, Kakinada as well as “Best Teacher Award” in Vignan’s Engineering College. His research papers have been published in international journals. He has also presented his papers in various international conferences.

Great working experience in the education industry

It is a great experience to work in the education industry as this is the field which helps in molding the next generation and working in the education industry is a continuous learning process so that we be with the updated technologies too. Finally, working in the education industry in my view is always being with the young blood so we are motivated to be energetic and enthusiastic at our work.  

Strategies to help learners underachievers

Generally, underachievers in a class need encouragement and motivation that they also can be the achievers. These students face problem to raise their hand and ask for help for every single question they have in a group. In our institute, we spare extra time than our college hours especially for these students so that they could clarify their doubts individually. They are counseled in all aspects and encouraged to improve their personality.

Quality of the students of VVIT

The quality of the students is definitely good, they strive hard to achieve their goals like acquiring campus placements or moving on to higher studies and some are trying to evolve as young entrepreneurs.

Strategies to ensure that the able students excel in the subjects

The ablest students are given tasks to test their practical approach towards a problem, besides the task they are also provided with the needed resources to solve the task they were appreciated if they come with solutions to the task which will encourage them to enhance their knowledge and this also develop competitive spirit among other students and establish learning initiatives.  

Challenges faced as the HOD in VVIT

Work culture in VVIT is so cool and transparent that administrative responsibilities are never of any problem as we treat each other as members of one family. Being a relatively young institute, we know we have to face tough competition with other old institutes in grabbing opportunities for getting various advantages. Research, student placements, getting grants are various segments where we have not only to show improvement but a quick improvement in order to keep ourselves going and grabbing those opportunities.    

Challenges as Head of the Department are looking after that our students get a good result, minimizing the problems of underachievers and motivating the faculty to enhance in their career.

Curriculum ensuring best practices of the industry

As our institute is affiliated to JNTUK, we follow the curriculum proposed by JNTUK, in some areas, there is a technological gap in the curriculum to bridge the gap we introduce add-on courses like training in Google code labs, Siemens Centre of Excellence, IoT concepts, Machine Learning etc. Now we are having autonomous status so that we could incorporate some of these add-on courses into our curriculum to ensure that we accommodate the best practices of the industry.

Thoughts on ensuring the quality of education

We give utmost priority to the quality of education in our institute. Along with the basic curriculum, we add many flavors like training in Google code labs, Siemens labs, IoT concepts, etc. to improve the quality of education and to meet the need of industry.

Establish a relation with the students

Definitely, we tend to have good relation with the students so that they feel free to clarify their questions and share their views on any issue.

Dr. Giri Babu’s philosophy of leadership

In my view, leadership means taking responsibility. I feel responsible for whatever job I carry out.  

Suggestions for the current youth

I suggest students to look around the world to observe what technological changes are happening.  They are advised to perceive the internships in the industries without wasting their summer. Students are energetic and enthusiastic, we recommend them to put their energy and enthusiasm in a positive direction to have fruitful results.