Interview by Yash Panchal

Dr. N. Koteswaramma

Dr. N. Koteswaramma has been working as Head of Dept. of MCA at VVIT Guntur. She was awarded a Ph.D. degree in 2015 from Acharya Nagarjuna University. Her interested area of research is ternary semiring theory, Graph theory, Fuzzy set theory. On this, she has  6 publications in international journals. She teaches Mathematics to various branches of B.Tech, M.Tech and MCA students. Her total experience is 12 years.

A learning experience in the education industry

Certain teachers have played an important role in bringing out my academic and personal strengths and interests. All over my course of educational experience, I have learned to value every part of the experience and be thankful for all the knowledge and attributes that I have gained because of education.  Without this, I would be missing some of the core values that have led me to become the person that I am today.

Strategies to help the underachievers of the class

As underachievers are very much interested in directions other than academics, so, with friendly counseling sessions, finding out in which particular area their passion lies, is the key to serve them and by explaining the significance of qualification in the multitude of diverse fashions able them to mark as achievers in their chosen field.

Students’ quality

Our students are self-confident, hard workers, ready to face academic challenges and are also energetic in social activities, college programs through SAC, that makes them run in different fashions.

Important current debates in the field of Computer Applications

Keeping up-to-date with recent educational issues is essential for teaching that helps to improve knowledge of students, clearing, emerging trends, and fresh inputs by attending workshops and seminars also help me to keep abreast of the educational issues.

Strategies to ensure the excelling of students

By explaining the practical applications of the subject and how the subject is useful in building future career placements. Counsel them saying they have to stretch and learn the latest issues so that they can have a smooth take off in their career.

Significant challenges faced as the HOD

In VVIT as the Hod of MCA, I observed most of the MCA students are from rural background and first generation learners, telling them and counseling them the importance of education is a big challenge. Whatever challenges able to face with the help of management, principal and with the cooperation of faculty.

Ensuring the best practices of the industry through the curriculum

Our college curriculum provides sufficient space for the cultivation of student skills by providing latest technology facilities like Google code labs, SIEMENS center of excellence, I&EDC, PMKVY and with continuous evaluation by administration makes us ensure best practices.

Ensuring the quality of education in the institution

First of all, we have 100% well trained, experienced, qualified teaching faculty together with industry experienced lab technicians, who make students involve in research activities as well as make the students perform their best according to job needs. Also, by improving critical thinking and problem-solving skills among the students, able to achieve education attainment levels, so that we can enhance the quality of education in our institute.

Establishing a relation with the students

By care, trust, with mutual respect and by being affectionate and student counseling.

Dr. Koteswaramma’s philosophy of leadership

As a Head, I could be a gatherer of talent, a source of encouragement and a mentor to others, as we make every effort to forge a path to their sustainable future.

Suggestions for the current youth

  • Not only have the classroom academics, seek out practical experience through internship opportunities at the early academic career.
  • Use communication technology wisely and create the future for yourself in engineering stream.
  • Be confident; continuous personal development with perfect honesty and integrity.