Interview by Kritika Gupta


Dr. N. Kumaraswamy is working as the Dean at VVIT Guntur. His educational qualifications include BE, DIT, MBA, ME and Ph.D. He possesses a total experience of 32 years in teaching, 15 years in administration, 3 years in research and a year’s field experience. He has received numerous awards in his illustrious career. He has authored 3 books and has organized 20 conferences.

Dr. Kumaraswamy’s experience in the education industry

I have 32 years of teaching experience at AU University and three Engineering colleges in various capacities. Education is an imbibing component to imbibe values, change in living standards, quality of life and character building. Education industry provides a platform to render service students community and indirectly contribute to the economic development of our country. Every education institution should be provided all facilities to mold students into the best citizen of India. At present, most of the educational Institutions run on the base of short-term individual goals.

Strategies to help the underachievers

  1. The teacher has a passion to learn and teach after rising from bed to reaching the bed every day. The practical learning process starts from our day to day activities. Students can gain 80% of knowledge from outside classroom environment. First, gurus’ mother and father encourage their children to learn every rational and practical approach. In classroom teaching, my approach is always a practical way with a real-life example, especially case studies.

  2. Teaching is not one-way traffic. I always encourage students in participation in discussion and raising doubts.

  3. My teaching styles or pattern is changed from class to classes and year to years.

  4. I always incorporate new developments in a particular field or concept.

  5. I follow discipline especially attending classes regularly, consistency in activities.

  6. Any rule to be implemented in the class or students, I will follow and later I will ask the student to implement.

Dr. Kumaraswamy on his researchers

I have published 148 research papers in national and international Journals. My research areas are problems in real life. I guided 8 Ph.D. students. They are focused on field problems.

I have developed earthworm domestic wastewater purifier. However, it is not converted to field model due to practical constraints in field practices.

Students in VVIT

Our students are excellent. Basically, raw materials are not a basic problem for production quality. Quality of product depends upon skill apply to convert raw materials or products.

Thoughts on improving the academic field of Civil and Environmental Engineering

Industrial orientated such as blockchain technology, digital twin of smart cities, BIM 360, cloud computing, nanotechnology; drone technology should be included in curricular to make students industry ready.

Strategies to help students get better

Motivate students by introducing updating technology and futurology in regular class work

Most important textbook published in the last five years in the field of Civil and Environmental Engineering

Building planning and drawing book - It cover all aspects from fundamentals to update technological developments in Building Industry.

Establishing a relationship with the students

  1. Understand their problems during studies

  2. Counselling students

Dr. Kumarswamy’s philosophy of leadership

The people who serve people to become leaders. Service without selflessness is an essential quality for leadership. Authority should be used for effective communication, but not to control the people.

Suggestions for the youth

Every student should follow 3 P’s concept: Performance, Persistence, Practice for success in their life.