A Telugu book titled “Antaranga Tarangalu“, written by popular veteran motivational books writer Sri Asaavaadi Prakasarao was released at VVIT Guntur on March 19th, 2018, in the auspicious and esteemed presence of Raja Sreekrishna Devarayalu, the present generation descendant of Legendary Sri Krishnadevaraya dynasty. All students and faculty participated in this book launch event.

Sri Srikrishna Devarayalu stated that he is very much fortunate to attend this function and release the book by his hands. He commended the efforts of Sri Asaavaadi Prakasarao, in making the book more inspirational and emphasized that practice of good customs in this present society is much needed for the betterment of human relations.

VVIT inaugurates Sri Asaavaadi Prakasarao’s book titled “Antaranga Tarangalu”

Sri Prakasarao revealed the salient features of his book. He advised every student to read this book for refining their opinion on smooth relationships among the people in the society. He emphasized that the reading of this book will leave a deep mark in one’s own hearts in the logical world. He informed that the book is also translated into English for a broader audience and is available in both Telugu speaking states at all standard outlets.

Joint Secretary of VVIT Sri M SreeKrishna informed that the entire event is organized under the aegis of their Telugu Appreciation Club. He stated that VVIT is bound to protect the Cultural Heritage of our Telugu People apart from providing KG to PG quality engineering education. He emphasized that VVIT is always a step ahead in conducting these kinds of events that embrace our culture in the current generation of students.

The principal of VVIT, Dr. Y. Mallikarjuna Reddy stated that students can be motivated by these kinds of books, which address various social contexts in the human life that are intrinsic and extrinsic.