Interview by Arjun Verma



Dr. Devendra Arora is currently working as the director of Vishveshwarya School of Business, Greater Noida Uttar Pradesh. He has 22-years’ experience with various Institutions of NCR as Professor and Director at KIET, Vishveshwarya, IIMT-Meerut, BLS, ITS–Ghaziabad and CMD Centre for Management Development, Modinagar.

Dr. Devendra Arora on his experience in education industry

Creating Career of the youngster, I feel proud to see changes in Students Personality from their first day on campus to their first day in Corporate. Observing the eyes of parents how their Tears of hope converting into tears of happiness

Dr. Arora’s leadership style

Participating Planning and Decision making helps me to grow the institutions, and moreover, I believe in Creating leaders rather than subordinates. I always encourage them to develop CID. Creativity, Initiative, and Dedication to achieving organizational goals. This year we save our institution.

Time Management

Working as a director you meant to work 24 X7 for shaping Career of your students to earn respect, for that you have to think on following parameters branding of Institutions, admission, academics, and placement. Time plays a very important role to develop the business school. During Commuting in the car from Home to campus or Company you need to use that time for networking on social site to develop the relationship between Industry and institutions. (To the student > for the students)

Ensuring best practice of industry through curriculum

Worst, Useless syllabus. Tough to make my student for corporate assets in the given syllabus by the university. Finally, for the success, we added some part to make them employable.

Growth of students through placement opportunities available at Vishveshwarya School of Business

This is not a criterion only for VSB. We have to make an orientation program for management students, observed and analysis of their skill and prepare them to accept available opportunity in the market and cross interferences is big poison for the growth students. Another department cannot understand the appetite of Management Program it cannot treat like any bachelor program of Campus. We need to increase more industry interaction and invite Guest talk from industry and management students must involve in live projects.

Suggestion for effective Management Learners is 4 Day teaching and three days for live project, self-study and encourage them to observe industry philosophy.

Role of athletics in a student’s development

A healthy body has a healthy mind (everyone knows but rewarded those who follows)

Seeing sports as a career

Yes, it’s a big employable program in India. Career experts now convinced with it, sports events are creating huge career options for youngsters of India. IPL and many big Bash Leagues are creating opportunities in SPORTS INFRA, GOODS, SERVICES, Electronics, Apparel, EVENTS, SPORTS NEWS, Broadcasting, Sponsorship management attracted Passionate persons into this field. It is AFFORDABLE for STUDENTS, INSTITUTIONS, and finally Companies to get healthy and energetic young boys and girls for their industries. Sports academy association of India ( created academic and placement opportunities in this field.

Goals for the next few years

Every college have big infrastructure, but due to low admission in various courses it is not use in full capacity, for using the full capacity of available infrastructure I wish to invite some of the startup company to start their small offices, workshops on very minimum rent, so that they can get benefit for cost of the offices and workshop So, they can survive. In the other hand our students can do practice with these organization to get practical exposure. Introduce additional activities on multiple functions and students will involve with positive sense in our routine administrative activities on a small stipend, and can offer them available space for a small startup like a pencil, fly ash plant, solar plant, organic farming, agricultural blocks and dairy farm etc.

As a president of SPAA INDIA, with the vision “KHELEGA INDIA. KHILEGA INDIA” Involve 200 principal in the national advisory board for valuable inputs in the improvement of the Foundation of education in India. The opening center of excellence on sports education in various schools/ institutions in India.

After that youngsters can shape their career in Sports Management / Technology etc. in Various Universities with the association of SPAA INDIA.

Skills every students must possess in today’s environment

Ob+ ANAL Observation + Analytical skill

Suggestions for current youth and the aspiring students

Open eyes and ears, be a good listener. Observe and ACCESS, ADOPT, AND ACCEPT CHANGE, Change with the change is survival But CHANGE BEFORE THE CHANGE IS SUCCESS