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Hyderabad, January 14, 2019: “India is the part of a triad of New World Order,” said Prof. Jagdish Sheth while addressing the students, faculty, and staff of the ICFAI Foundation for Higher Education, Hyderabad. Prof Sheth with Charles H Kellstadt, Professor of Marketing at Emory University Goizueta Business School, was delivering a special lecture on the topic ‘India and the New World Order: How India will become strategic globally?’


Prof. Sheth spoke about the Old world order and the changing new world order bringing in new trade regime, new leaders and the shift of power to India and China and the USA. India needs to take advantage of its position and become a nation of strategic importance globally.

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Prof. Sheth said that India needed the vision to take advantage of several positive traits the country possesses. “India has all the ingredients to become Strategic Globally all it needs is the recipe’. ‘The Recipe is the vision which will reposition India from an isolated domestic economy to a globally integrated economy and from regional diplomacy to global diplomacy,” said Prof. Sheth. He said that India needs to use its soft power to achieve an important position through admired brands by following global standards and by taking advantage of its professional talents.


On the occasion, a book titled “Handbook on Advances in Marketing in Era of Disruptions” a collection of essays compiled by Atul Parvitiar and Rajendra Sisodia in the honor of Prof. Sheth was unveiled. It has Essays by renowned scholars from around the world like Philip Kotler, Gerald Zaltman and Russel Belk, among others.

As part of nationwide celebrations, ICFAI hosted Prof. Jagdish Sheth’s 80th birthday at Hyderabad. Prof. Sheth was immensely happy by the warm gesture by the students and faculty members of ICFAI.