KL University Guntur

Dr. J Srinivasa Rao is the current Director of Admissions at KL University Guntur. Though he has the responsibilities of a director, it has never stopped him to follow his passion for teaching. He is holding the position of Professor in Computer Science Department too.

He is a member of esteemed fraternity groups like ISRD, IAENG, ICSES, ISTE, which enables the scope to interact with top management and improve the quality education of KLU. His scholarly articles have been published in top-notch papers, such as The Hindu, The Indian Express, and several Telugu papers.

The development of a nation is directly linked to its quality of education system

The development of a nation is directly linked to the quality of its education system. What keeps me going all the time is the idea that I get to play small but crucial roles in building future-ready leaders.

Empower People and encourage them to take bold risks is what I believe in

I have a simple philosophy – empower people and encourage them to take bold risks. A person's ability to take a high leap can only be assessed once they make an attempt. After all, active participation and taking initiatives makes the difference and differentiate the leader from the crowd.

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Students are enabled to think out of the box

The curriculum at KL University is constantly rehashed with inputs from various industry thought leaders. Our approach to the holistic development of a student, especially with an emphasis on higher cognitive skills, provides them a cutting edge. Instead of the usual curriculum, students are enabled to think out of the box, get the solutions to the problems in an optimal way possible.

Ideas and Innovation with a massive thrust on research is the future aim 

It is proven that we Indians have brains. However, we lag on the creativity factor on a global scale. I would like to see KL University transform into an institution where ideas and innovation take the front seat with a massive thrust on research. The aim is to ignite the curiosity factor to help the students to question everything and find the answers to every question.

We inspire our students to think beyond career

We inspire and encourage our students to think beyond a career. Through a special initiative called Smart Village, our students take an active part to inspire, mobilize forces & resources for sustainable development and to create an ecosystem for positive behavioral transformation among rural communities.

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A diverse group helps in getting diverse viewpoints

Connecting with the youth at all levels on a higher plane is what we intend. I take immense pride that KLU is now home to students from more than 32 countries. We encourage talent in all shapes, sizes, colors, and forms irrespective of the background they hold. A diverse group helps in getting diverse viewpoints, which enables the peer group to think and analyze in the broadest way possible to deliver the optimal results.

Explaining the biggest challenge for the education system and KLU

Knowledge economy driven by intellectual capital is overarching for any higher educational institution. Adapting to ever-evolving pedagogies and strategic approach to governance, self-reliance with superior accountability with minimal restrictions & regulation by the bureaucracy is a challenge for the Indian higher education system. 

Harness the power of freedom to overcome the fear of failure

Freedom at a young age is the most valuable gift until one loses it. Harness the power of freedom to overcome the fear of failure with consistency, discipline, and a systematic approach to any obstacle in life.