COVID 19: IIT Guwahati Designs Low Cost Bamboo Furnitures for Medical Care Services

Indian Institute of Technology, Guwahati proclaimed that a team of students and faculties has developed low cost bamboo furnitures for the hospitals, to meet the growing demand of the furnitures due to the increasing number of hospitalised people in the current scenario of increasing number of cases of Coronavirus.

Date: May 01, 2020

IIT Guwahati

The prototype structure was pitched by a group of IIT Guwahati's design department to the concerned authorities and clarified that the furniture can be utilized at different health care centres and temporary isolation wards that have been set up in places like indoor stadiums and halls. The furniture can be discarded once the infection has been contained.

Professor Ravi Mokashi Punekar, IIT Guwahati, Department of Design claims using the given prototype, on an average, 200 bamboo beds can be manufactured on a daily basis.

Professor Punekar also said that Bamboo crafts are a significant financial driver in the upper east area of India. In any case, for an art that is so pervasive in the region, its successful usage for public medical facilities like health care institutes in provincial zones was constrained and this specific project showed the potential.

“These hospital furnitures are a suitable and practical answer for meeting the local framework needs utilizing bamboo and canes accessible in the region. This will likewise make openings for the local craftsmen as well.”, Professor Punekar added.

The organization is in conversation with two local startups and they have consented to fabricate the bamboo furnitures.The structures have likewise been imparted to Guwahati Medical Hospital. 

To help the nation in its battle against coronavirus, several IITs, and other education organizations are approaching new innovations and ventures to be a helping hand to the nation. These developments are aimed with an expectation to protect the frontline healthcare workers, who are giving their whole efforts in attending the coronavirus patients.