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Mr. Santosh Kumar Choubey is designated as the Chancellor of Dr. C.V. Raman University. He is widely recognized for bridging the IT literacy gap between urban and rural India. He has completed B.Tech in Electronics and Telecommunication Engineering. Mr. Santosh cracked civil services exams in the 70’s but his dedication for education brought him back. He has received various awards and accolades for his contribution to literature and society. 

In an exclusive interview with Mayank Kothari, Mr. Santosh shares his views on education industry and challenges faced in the same. Edited Excerpts - 

Research plays a major role in the education industry

Education, being an ever-changing industry, has reached new levels where students should mould themselves accordingly. With changing trends, research has become a major focus area. Universities have collaborated with several research centers and universities in India and abroad. 

To reduce overall skill deficit and bring skills-based learning in the higher education framework, the universities have revived practical hands-on learning as part of their curriculum. Universities have also given way to collaboration with local industries as well as by installing industry grade machines in the lab and workshops. To match pace with new technologies, the universities hold a platinum partnership with Microsoft Ed-vantage and extensive linkages with international institutions like ICE WARM (Australia), University of SIEGEN (Germany) etc.

Mr. Choubey views on leadership style and philosophy

A leader shapes and moulds the characteristics of the group towards a common goal and motivates them to achieve those goals. Leaders influence others to follow their dreams and help them grasp the opportunities as they come. Leadership involves constantly pursuing a well-balanced growth pattern in all spheres. The core effort is to raise student achievement and bring opportunities to demonstrate competence and guarantee the right to education.

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Challenges faced - Uplifting the social standards

The biggest challenge faced was to make education accessible in remote areas. The main motive was to educate each and every child who is deprived of learning. But with constant dedicated efforts, we are now able to educate students in different parts of the globe. I believe education is one such tool which can make our country progress. The other challenge was to modernize the education structure and update the faculties with new upcoming technologies.

A healthy relation between the students and faculty makes for an Ideal school environment

According to me an ideal environment for any institution is where all the students and teachers have a healthy relationship with each other. The students should be guided in a friendly and innovative way rather than being conventional in approach. A project based approach should be followed to broaden the way of thinking so that students can think out of the box and reach new heights. The students should have the freedom to express themselves.

What makes CVRU stand out!

With the increasing demands, we emphasize on providing practical knowledge to our students. The core objective of Dr. C.V. Raman University is to promote a holistic approach in learning along with fundamental values regarding work ethics and etiquette. 

The career counseling and placement cell of our university helps in strengthening ties with the corporate world through various internships and project work. With this, the students are getting successfully placed in top companies. Our university not only equips students to survive in the workplace but also be an achiever in their respective fields. CVRU makes students not only academically strong but also makes them responsible citizens.

Good Personality, Competitive and Communication – Ideal skill set for today’s corporate world

A student must possess good communication skills to express their thoughts in the right way. With this, they can easily face anything that comes their way. Secondly, they should also focus on skill development to have extra skills along with their degrees. Apart from academics, students should also participate in sports and co-curricular activities to develop their mental health and personality. 

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Upcoming goals for CVRU: World-class, accessible and affordable education

As I have mentioned earlier, the education sector demands a specific set of skills and subject knowledge. The purpose of CVRU, Bilaspur is to enable students to enhance their skills and help them to set goals for their future. The core ideology is to groom its students into responsible, proficient and ethical professionals. We prepare our students for meaningful and effective employability. For this, the university focuses on 4 C’s i.e. Curriculum, Content, and Confidence and Communication skills

Suggestions to the aspiring students

I wish that all the students should dream big and follow their passion. I advise them to be innovative in whatever they do and help the nation progress. With academics, one should also concentrate on skill development to keep pace with the growing technologies.