Prof. Kartik Dave is presently associated with Ambedkar University New Delhi (AUD), where he has been serving as a Professor and Dean of School of Business, Public Policy and Social Entrepreneurship (SBPPSE) and Dean(Planning). He has a PhD in Marketing Management and brings a rich experience of around 21 years in industry and academics. At present, he has an additional charge of Controller of Finance (CoF) at Ambedkar University Delhi. He has developed new courses like Challenges in Marketing in Emerging Markets, Services Excellence, etc. He has been writing in International journals of repute published by Wiley, Emerald, Springer Gabler, ScienceDirect, etc.

Ambedkar University Delhi

What are the key factors that keep you connected with the education sector?

“This profession allows you to remain a lifelong student and keep learning”

In addition to my area of expertise in management, I also have the privilege to work and interact in a multidisciplinary environment with students and faculty members. You are talking to people in the age group of 18 to 25, which makes you feel young. They don't let you feel old and that’s why I engage with youngsters to understand their perspective. I learn a lot from students and a lot of new things they share in class. That is how I enjoy this profession.

What is your philosophy of leadership?

I believe in a leadership style where the system is followed and collective decisions are made”

My leadership style varies with the organization. Leadership in administration is vastly different from leadership in academics. As far as administrative leadership is concerned, I believe that we should stick to the rules, regulations, and compliance of the system. On the other hand, I believe in participative leadership philosophy on academic matters. Whatever actions I take are decided collaboratively. 

How do you strategize about the marketing and administration of your college?

Our own social media pages, college websites and students act as brand ambassadors” 

The programs of the school are managed by a team of School Dean, Programme Coordinators, and all the faculty members. We have been using a participative method of decision-making where the views of students are also valued. As far as marketing of the programs is concerned our students are the Brand Ambassadors. This year we are introducing two new programs - BBA and MBA IEV (Innovation, Entrepreneurship, and Venture Development). We are planning to market the programs digitally via college review websites. 

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What can an inbound student gain from studying here in your institute?

“Quality education and a focus on knowledge that helps you build yourself”

SBPPSE has many different propositions. If a student who wishes to study in AUD has some financial difficulty, they have the option of a scholarship. Students of one program can enroll for courses of another program as well and get credits accordingly. Our fee component is very minimal so it is beneficial for students who can’t pursue MBA from private universities due to financial constraints. Students can benefit from high ROI.

How does the curriculum of SBPPSE ensure the best practice of industry?

We focus on job creation and are developing our students to be the changemakers”

Covid19 pandemic has also taught us to rethink and innovate, this we have always focussed on in our curriculum, evaluation, classroom teaching, stimulation, and case analysis. We have courses in design thinking also, which enable the students to design a solution innovatively. The industry needs people who have empathy, people who understand customers’ points of view and their clients' problem statements. We inculcate all these skills in our program. 

How does your college welcome students of different economic backgrounds?

We give ample support to talented students in terms of financial aid, scholarships and fee waiver”

There are options for the fee waiver for bright students with financial constraints. Students can also apply for scholarships whose process is very simple and clear. We believe in accessibility and social justice. 

What do you think should be the SBPPSE top priority over the next 10 years?

Finally, the focus is on making our MBA and BBA program more vibrant and accessible to all”

My top priority is to make MBA and BBA programs more popular amongst youngsters. We want to focus on entrepreneurship, producing leaders of tomorrow and we aim to be amongst top state universities. 

What has been your vision for the institute?

“To become an established name in the academic space and create future entrepreneur”

When I joined, there was only one program. Now we have four programs. Our alumni have been working with some of the best organizations. Many of them are entrepreneurs and they are doing quite well. We have created a large base of alumni who are contributing to the university and the society as well. In the coming years, we will be having public policy programs also.

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What are some of the biggest challenges you see for higher education in the current age?

“To adapt to the new norm of digital education and the infrastructure required for it”

Our biggest challenge has been the infrastructure and other facilities. We are planning a separate campus in the next 4 years so that we can provide more facilities to the students. We need support from the government and private sectors in these areas.

We were able to quickly adapt to the Covid19 pandemic. We were able to offer our classes online and the students have been very cooperative and were ready for online classes.

Any suggestions you would like to give to the current youth and the aspiring students?

“Education has a larger purpose and is not limited to securing a degree”

  • I would tell them to stay inquisitive and try to continuously learn. 
  • For success there is no shortcut, you need to develop new skills. 
  • I would suggest the youth pay more attention to languages, improve their communication. 
  • One must be humble, polite, empathetic, and compassionate. 
  • They should contribute to society and nation-building. All this will happen when you have an appetite for learning.