Indira Gandhi National Open University (IGNOU) has released IGNOU Grade Card for December TEE 2020 at the official website: The exams for December TEE were being held from February 8-March 13, 2021, details are provided below. 

Students need to enter their IGNOU Program Code and Enrollment No., to check grade card status as furnished by IGNOU at the official website ( Earlier, IGNOU Grade Card 2020 for June TEE was released on October 1, 2020, for the Term End Examinations conducted in September. 

IGNOU grade card 2020-21 include details like course code, marks secured in assignments, practical and theory papers and the IGNOU grade card status for each course. The grade card is issued as per the performance in IGNOU TEE Results

IGNOU Grade Card 2020: Direct Link

Programs Direct Link to Grade Card
BDP/BA/B.COM/B.Sc./ASSO Programmes Click Here
Other Programmes Click Here

What is IGNOU Grade Card?

IGNOU grade card mentions details about a candidate’s performance in the TEE and assignment status. This includes the candidate’s name, course code, program, acquired marks in the assignment submitted, theory marks, practical marks, etc.

Candidates should note that there is a difference between IGNOU results and IGNOU grade card. The result page shows only candidates’ course details and the TEE marks, whereas the grade card shows course details, assignment marks, TEE theory marks, TEE practical marks and assignment marks. Therefore, IGNOU grade card is a more detailed account of the candidate’s academic performance.

IGNOU Grade Card includes:

Candidates will find the following details mentioned on IGNOU Grade Card 2021: 

  • Candidate’s name
  • Candidate’s enrollment number
  • Name of the program
  • Course code
  • Assignment marks acquired
  • Assignment marks required
  • Term End theory marks
  • Term End practical marks
  • Status of the assignments

Note: It is important for candidates to retain a printout of their grade card for future reference. 

How to Download IGNOU Grade Card?

Candidates can check the grade card of IGNOU 2021 as per their enrolled programs. They must check all the details mentioned in the IGNOU grade card 2021. In case of any discrepancy, candidates are advised to contact the IGNOU officials and report the objection.

Six Simple Steps to Download the Grade Card

Step1: Visit the official website of IGNOU. (

Step 2: Go to the ‘student support’ section and click on ‘results’.

Step 3: Choose the option ‘grade card’ out of a list given on the left-hand side of the page.

IGNOU Grade Card

Step 4: After clicking on the ‘grade card’, a new window appears.

IGNOU Grade Card

Step 5: Fill the details asked in the window carefully and click on submit.

Step 6: Now, the candidate’s grade card of IGNOU December TEE 2020 will appear on the screen.

IGNOU Grade Card

IGNOU Grade Card: Understanding Grades Mentioned 

IGNOU has its own mechanism for calculating the grades of the students. The detailed breakdown methodology of the grading process of IGNOU has been tabulated below

Percentage Grade Point
80% - 100% A 5
60% - 79% B 4
50% - 59% C 3
50% -49% D 2
40% & below E 1

The percentage will be calculated as:

(Marks in Theory + Marks in Assignment/ Total Marks)*100

IGNOU Grade Card: Section-wise Weightage

Weightage given to Assignments and Theory Exams for IGNOU TEE are as follows:

Sections Weightage
Assignments 30%
Term End Examination Theory 70%

For eg: If a student gets 89 marks in theory paper and 60 marks on the IGNOU assignment. Then the percentage for that subject will be calculated as:

Theory marks are 89. 70% of 89 is 62.

The assignment marks are 60. 30% of 60 is 18.

Total marks is 62+18 = 80

The percentage will be (80/100)*100 =80%

What are passing marks in IGNOU Exam?

If a candidate has appeared for the IGNOU exam then he must have secured at least 35 marks in theory out of 100 and 50% marks in the assignment to be considered as a pass.

IGNOU Admission 2021

How to Obtain Duplicate IGNOU Grade Card?

In order to obtain the duplicate IGNOU Grade Card, one needs to pay INR 250/- fee in the form of DD. Send the application form along with DD to the following address:

The Registrar

(Student Evaluation Division)

Indira Gandhi National Open University

Block 12, Maidan Garhi

New Delhi-110 068

Download the Application form for IGNOU Duplicate Grade Card.

IGNOU Grade Card: Important Instructions

Here are some important points to be kept in mind while downloading the IGNOU Grade Card

  • The grade card of IGNOU  is available solely in online mode.
  • Candidates should make sure that they check all the details mentioned on the grade card. 
  • In case, candidates feel that the marks mentioned on the result/grade card are less than what they expected, they should get their results evaluated once again.
  • In case the candidate is satisfied with the grade card, he/she should take its print out and retain it for future references.
  • Candidates can also apply for a duplicate grade card by submitting a request and drafting a DD in favour of IGNOU payable in Delhi for Rs. 250.
  • Also, candidates must get in touch with the university if there is any discrepancy in the IGNOU grade card 2021.

IGNOU Grade Card FAQs

Ques. When IGNOU Grade Card will be released?

Ans. The IGNOU Grade Card 2021 will be release in April 2021 for December 2020 TEE held from February-March. 

Ques. Is it important to download the IGNOU Grade Card?

Ans. Yes, it is important for candidates to download the IGNOU Grade Card and retain it for future reference.

Ques. How is IGNOU Grade Card be different from IGNOU Result?

Ans. IGNOU Grade Card describes more information about the Term End Examination than the IGNOU Result. Grade Card also mentions the theory marks, practical marks, assignment status, etc.

Ques. When should the Candidate ideally download the IGNOU Grade Card?

Ans. Candidates should download the Grade Card within few days of the announcement of its release. However, they can access it at any point in time using their enrollment number.

Ques. Can IGNOU Grade Card be updated after revaluation?

Ans. Yes, IGNOU Grade Card is updated soon after results are evaluated. For revaluation, students need to apply online with a fee of INR 750 per course. The results of revaluation will be out at least after thirty days of submitting the request. The revaluation request form will be available online on the official website.

Ques. What are passing marks in IGNOU Exam?

Ans. If a candidate has appeared for the IGNOU exam then he must have secured at least 35 marks in theory out of 100 and 50% marks in assignment to be considered as pass.

Ques. How to apply for Back papers in IGNOU?

Ans. If a student fails in a paper of IGNOU, students can clear back papers within the next 2 years. To apply for the back papers you need to fill the application form. The form will be available on the official website. IGNOU gives you 8 year period to complete all the backlogs in Under graduation and 5 years for completing Post graduation. You will not have to resubmit the assignments if you have already submitted them in your previous year.