Candidates can apply for the IGNOU Admission process by going through the Student Login 2020 portal as provided by IGNOU. With the help of the login portal, students can register themselves for the admission process of the desired courses as provided by the university on their official website.

IGNOU Student Online registration is mandatory for the candidates to get admission to any courses provided by IGNOU.

Candidates who are applying for the new course for the first time must create an IGNOU account by registering themselves, after which a 10 digit Enrollment number will be provided to them, whereas the candidates who have already registered to a course and want to apply for some new courses can use the old login credentials to Re-register themselves.

After completing the registration process the candidate will have easy access to the Student Login Portal of IGNOU with the valid login credentials. Using these login credentials candidates can check their application status and results.

IGNOU will provide an Enrollment Number through which candidates can check their admission or re-registration status.

IGNOU Student Login 2020: 10 Digit Enrollment Number

For the ease to access the login page, from the IGNOU Admission Session January 2020, university has started providing the 10 Digit Enrollment Number so that candidates can get the information related to admission, re-registration etc.

IGNOU Enrollment number which was a 9 digit number(for the old candidates) has been now changed to 10 digit number(for the new candidates). Being a new candidate, candidates may face difficulties regarding the admission and re-registration details for which IGNOU assures an upgradation of their system so that candidates can easily access the IGNOU Student Login 2020 portal using the 10 digit Enrollment Number.

IGNOU Student Login 2020 using Enrollment Number

Candidates can follow the below mentioned steps to access the IGNOU Student Login 2020 portal using the enrollment number:

  1. Visit the official website (
  2. After the homepage opens, check for the ‘Enrolled Students' section.
  1. Kindly fill the asked credentials like Enrollment number, Proram, Date of Birth.
  2. Then click on the ‘login’ option.

Note: New candidates might not be able to login via this portal. IGNOU has opened a new portal for the new candidates who took admission during the January 2020 session and were made available with a 10 digit Enrollment number.

IGNOU Admission Login (For the New Candidates)

Candidates who have already registered for the IGNOU Admissions and want to access the IGNOU Admission portal must have a valid ‘Username’ and ‘Password’.

Candidates can follow the below mentioned steps to login to the Admission portal:

  1. Visit the IGNOU Admission portal (
  2. After the page appears, fill up the asked credentials. (Username and Password).
  1. Type the ‘Security Captcha’ correctly.
  2. Then Click on the ‘Login’ button.

What to do if the IGNOU Username is Forgotten?

Candidates must not panic if they somehow forget or misplace their IGNOU Username for the Admission Portal.

Candidates can follow the below mentioned steps to Reset their Username:

  1. Visit the IGNOU Admission Portal.
  2. Click on the ‘Forgot Username?’ option beneath the ‘Login’ portal.
  1. A new web page will appear.
  2. Put your ‘Control Number’ and click on the Send option.
  3. In another window an OTP will be sent to you to reset your Username.

What to do if the IGNOU Password is Forgotten?

If any candidate misplace or forget their password, they must not worry. Candidates can follow the below mentioned steps to reset their IGNOU Password.

  1. Visit the IGNOU Admission page.
  2. Click on the ‘Forget Password?’ option present just below the ‘Login’ Button.
  1. In the new window, you need to enter your ‘Username’ and the security captcha to reset your password.
  2. An OTP will be sent to reset your password.

IGNOU Re-Register Login

Candidates who want to register themselves for any other IGNOU courses in the upcoming year/semester already being registered to some different course, can apply to IGNOU Admission through IGNOU Re-Register Login.

Candidates can follow the steps mentioned beneath to re-register.

  1. Visit the IGNOU Re-registration website (
  2. After the page opens, read all the instructions carefully and click on the ‘Proceed to re-register’ option.
  1. A window will appear.
  2. Enter the asked credentials like ‘Username’, ‘Password’ and ‘Security Captcha’
  3. Then click on the ‘Login’ option and apply for the respective course.

IGNOU Student Login 2020: Details to be noted

After completing the registration process there are few things that candidates must look for using the Student Login Portal using the login credentials:

  • My Applications: In this section, applicants will be able to look for all the IGNOU applications they filled. Candidates can apply for multiple courses if they fulfill the eligibility requirements of the particular courses.
  • My Transactions: This section shows the number of transactions they have made so far and it also gives you the details of the amount being transacted.
  • Admission Discrepancy: If there is any discrepancy in the IGNOU registration form, university will notify the candidates about the same under this section. Candidates must keep a regular track of this section to know about discrepancies(if any). If there is any error, candidates must resolve the issue before the deadline so that the application gets accepted.

IGNOU Student Login 2020: Important Instructions

Candidates are advised to look for the important instructions as mentioned below:

  • An Active and valid Email-Id, and mobile number should be provided during the registration process. University will communicate all the information and notifications through these credentials only.
  • Candidates will get the login credentials only after successful registration for IGNOU Student Login 2020.


Ques. Can a candidate register online, if he/she does not have login credentials?

Ans. Candidates can register for a new account when the registration for the new session opens.

Ques. How to login to IGNOU Account?

Ans. Candidates can easily login to their IGNOU account using the enrollment number, username and password.

Ques. Can a candidate login without Enrollment Number?

Ans. Candidates can only login to the IGNOU Admission portal without Enrollment Number.

Ques. Can a candidate reset his/her Username or Password?

Ans. Yes, candidates can reset their Username and Password using the ‘Forget Username’ and ‘Forget Password’ option present in the IGNOU Admission page.

Ques. Can a second account be created by candidates?

Ans. No, candidates cannot create any second account, but if they want to register for a new program they can apply from the IGNOU Re-Register web portal.