Indira Gandhi National Open University (IGNOU) offers a wide range of open learning courses in all the streams like arts, science, technology, management, commerce, etc. Though IGNOU is located in New Delhi but the study Centres are located all over the country. Students can choose study Centres located nearest to their accommodation.

IGNOU Centres Across India

IGNOU Study Centres 2000+
IGNOU Regional Centres 56+
IGNOU Recognized Regional Centres 11+

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What is IGNOU Study Centre?

You will be allotted one of these Study Centres taking into consideration your place of residence or work. However, each Study Centre can handle only a limited number of students and despite our best efforts, it may not always be possible to allot the Study Centre of your choice. The list of Study Centres is provided in the Programme Guide. The particulars regarding the Study Centre to which you are assigned will be communicated to you. Every Study Centre will have A Coordinator who will coordinate different activities at the Centre. An Assistant Coordinator and other supporting staff appointed on a part-time basis. Counselors in different courses to provide counseling and guidance to you in the courses you have chosen. 

IGNOU Study Centres List

Following are the links of other Study Centres of IGNOU

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Functions of IGNOU Study Centre

These functions will help students further to understand about IGNOU Study centres. They are bulleted below in six summarised points.

  • Counseling: Face-to-face counseling for the courses will be provided at the Study Centres. Generally, as stated earlier, there will be 10 counseling sessions for an 8 credit course and 5 sessions for a 4 credit course. The detailed program of the counseling sessions will be sent to you by the Coordinator of your Study Centre. 
  • Evaluation of Assignments: Tutor Marked Assignments (TMA) will be evaluated by the Counsellors appointed for different courses at the Study Centre. These assignments will be returned to you with tutor comments and marks obtained. These comments will help you in your studies. 
  • Library: For each course, some of the books suggested under ‘Suggested Reading’ will be available in the Study Centre Library. All audio and videotapes are also available in the library.
  • Information and Advice: At the Study Centre you get relevant information regarding the courses offered by the University, counseling schedules, examination schedule, etc. You will also get guidance in choosing your elective and application-oriented courses. 
  • Audio-Video Facilities: The Centres are equipped with audio-video facilities to help you make use of the audio and videocassettes prepared for different courses. Media notes of these audio-video programs will also be available at the Study Centre. This will help you to know the contents of each program. 
  • Interaction with Fellow-Students: In the Study Centres you get an opportunity to interact with fellow students. Please bring all your Units and your folder of corrected assignments with you when you come to the counseling session

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What is IGNOU Regional Centres

Indira Gandhi National Open University operates through a network of 56 Regional Centres(RC), 11 Recognized Regional Centres (RRC) (i.e., 6, IGNOU-Army RRC, 4, IGNOU-Navy RRC 1, IGNOU-Assam Rifles RRC) and nearly 2000 Learner Support Centres across the country. The vast network of RCs and LSCs extends the outreach of IGNOU to the hitherto deprived rural, remote, socially and physically disadvantaged segments of the population, providing them access to quality and cost-effective higher education in a flexible manner.

Functions of Regional Centres

The major activities of a Regional Centre can be broadly categorized as academic, administrative and promotional. The Regional Centres are responsible for the promotion of the Open University system; development, maintenance and monitoring of Study Centres and Student Support Services; and organization of staff development programs in the region, for training coordinators/counselors/other functionaries.

The following facilities have been provided at Regional Centres

  • Library with study materials of all the academic programs, Programme Guides, and some reference books
  • Direct Receiving System (DRS) and equipment to receive satellite signals for interactive teleconference
  • EDUSAT facilities
  • Videocassettes / CDs
  • Audio cassettes / CDs
  • Computer Laboratory equipped with computers, servers, CD-writers, Scanners, and printers
  • Telephone and Fax
  • TV / VCR / VCD
  • Internet and related items
  • Adequate furniture
  • Promotional literature of the University.

Change of Regional Centre

Students are asked to choose their regional Centre at the time of admission. All the coordination in regard to the course information is done through the regional study Centre.

  • Change of Regional Centre When you want a transfer from one Region to another Region, you have to write to that effect to the Regional Centre from where you seek a transfer marking copies to the Regional Centre where you would like to be transferred to and also to Registrar (SRD), New Delhi. 
  • Further, you have to obtain a certificate from the Coordinator of the Study Centre from where you are seeking transfer regarding the number of assignments submitted. 
  • The Regional Director from where you are seeking the transfer will transfer all records to the Regional Centre where you seek transfer under intimation to you and Registrar (SRD). 
  • The records are normally sent by Registered Post to guard against loss in the postal transit.

Is IGNOU Study Centre the same as IGNOU Regional Centre?

The regional Centre of IGNOU has official works like if a student wants to take admission then they will have to go regional centre and when students have any query with their study programs and also want to know about their books they will have to go regional centre. It is not necessary that they should go there. They can call on the regional centre for any query either.

The study centre of IGNOU is just for study. The study centres are colleges where students go for classes on Saturday and Sunday. All assignments of IGNOU students have to submit to their study centres.

IGNOU Study Centre FAQs

Ques. Is Study Centre the same as Regional Centre?

Ans. No, the study Centre and regional centre are different.

Ques. Can a student change their study Centre after admission?

Ans. Yes, one can change their study Centre after admission by writing to their study Centre and registrar.

Ques. Where the student has to go for a counseling session regarding the course?

Ans. Counseling sessions are provided at the study Centre only. There will be 10 counseling sessions for an 8 credit course and 5 sessions for a 4 credit course.

Ques. If a student needs more books for the course, in that case, where should he/she contact?

Ans. For any assistance regarding books and study materials, students need to contact their counselors in the study Centre.

Ques. What is the role of co-ordinator?

Ans. Counselors in different courses to provide counseling and guidance to you in the courses you have chosen.