Interview by Pratyasha

KR Mangalam University

Prof. Aditya Malik is designated as the Vice-Chancellor of KR Mangalam University. He is an experienced personality with a history of working in education. His qualification includes - B.A, M.A., and Ph.D. Having worked for more than 25 years, he was acknowledged as an “Inspired Teacher” by former President of India, Shri Pranab Mukherjee. He has authored four books dealing with oral narratives and ritual performances from the Himalayas and Rajasthan.

In an exclusive interview with, Prof. Malik provides a glimpse of KR Mangalam University and talks about his experience in the industry. 

Dr. Malik views on Education Sector

Education and imparting knowledge is my passion, and I believe that it is a powerful pathway to expanding a person’s horizons. This industry not only increases one’s capability in terms of knowledge but helps in personal growth as well. 

It is through proper education that a person begins to encounter their limitations and at the same is pushed towards breakthroughs and the discovery of new abilities and skills. It makes you more aware and alert about the ongoing and upcoming scenarios. 

Compassionate leadership philosophy

I believe that a true leader has the ability to manage and administer and at the same time help create new leaders. I believe leadership must be about human qualities harnessed together with highly efficient performance. For me, I make sure to combine the qualities of patience, rigor, thoroughness, and a commitment to deliver the job, right on time.

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Designing programs as per the industry standards

Our strategy to prepare a program is driven by an overall vision to provide outstanding learning programs to students that are in tandem with the recent market changes. We put in much effort into thinking about what is required today – what kind of knowledge and skills does a young person need? What are the methods and resources required to equip them to be successful and satisfied in their careers and personal lives?

The curriculum and pedagogies at KRMU are project-based so as to train students for the practical world. This helps them to understand the industry and what is required of them in the ‘real world.’ Apart from this, we hold regular workshops, seminars and guest lectures to make the students more aware. 

Unity in Diversity- Culture of KR Mangalam University

India is one of the most diverse countries in the world. We value and respect all cultures and religions, so over here we welcome everyone without any hesitation. Our university strives to maintain and foster the spirit and reality of diversity that ultimately is something that gives us strength and uniqueness.

KR Mangalam University

Vision for the students, faculty and the University at large

When I first joined KRMU, my vision was to empower and encourage students and teachers to realize their potential. Keeping this in mind, we set up various methods - evaluation patterns like assignments and projects. Our entire curriculum has been revised to reflect new learning pedagogies. 

The University has introduced many other changes that are designed to enhance the performance. One year is a short time, but still, we have achieved a great deal. However, to sufficiently anchor and establish our new programs and pedagogies, we need another year or two.

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Message to the Millennials

Today, the world is full of challenges and new things. I want all the upcoming youngsters to not be afraid to face any challenges. They should never stop learning, be curious about new things, keep themselves engaged in something or the other, so that it keeps adding up into their profile. Apart from this, they must step out of their comfort zone, always stay positive and surround themselves with motivational and intellectual people.