After Delhi University has released the notice regarding the Open Book Exams for the upcoming semester, it has created a lot of concerns among the teachers and students. Around 170 teachers from the Economic Department have written a letter to the DU vice Chancellor Yogesh Tyagi appealing not to conduct an open book examination. They have pointed out the decision to be “least desirable in the current situation’ and also said that it violates the sanctity of the examination process.

This move has been thoroughly opposed by both students and teachers of DU with many of them raising their concerns through social media platforms. Teachers have further suggested that the final semester students should be passed based on their internal marks for this semester.

They further added that the overall grade of the students should thus be the one achieved till last semester as many universities have opted this method of evaluation.

The Letter of Appeal pointed out some of the major issues regarding the decision made by the Administration regarding the Open Book Mode of Examinations:

  • Students who went back home after the MidTerm do not have access to proper study materials and also the entire study material is not available online.
  • A lot of students might not have computer systems at their home due to their socio-economic condition.
  • Domestic Environment might not be preferable for the students to attend the exams.
  • This pattern of exam also questions the purpose of the exam as there will be no control over the malpractices made by the students as students might communicate between themselves during the exams as university has no stand to stop parallel communication while the exam is on.

Other faculty members which include the Department of Statistics, Ramjas College have also written a letter to their principal regarding the same matter raising concern over the unfair means of evaluation process which will anyhow affect the future of the students.

The Department of Sociology has also written an open letter to the VC expressing their concern regarding the online examination and has suggested awarding an ‘estimate mark’ based on the average of previous semester plus the internal marks for this semester to calculate the total marks for the final year students.