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The presidential secretariat, also looked upon as the father figure at Indus University, is a man of unparalleled knowledge and wisdom. Dr. Nagesh Bhandari holds qualifications in the field of medicine and aviation. Being the first qualified spine surgeon of Gujarat, a doctor by profession, Dr. Nagesh Bhandari is also a Pilot and trained up to the Private Pilot License level. He has significantly contributed to developing novel instrumentation systems, ultimately adding to the cost-effective treatment procedures in his chosen field. Read here what he has to say in his interview.

What are the key factors that keep you connected with the education sector?

“Seeing the students thrive for success keeps me connected with the education sector”

Indus was established as an engineering college in 2006. Since then, we have graduated from a UGC approved University with schools in almost all major education fields. I am the presidential secretariat of this potent organization. 

Though my background lies in medicine, my keen interest in engineering and aviation, along with eternal inquisitive nature, I was nudged towards academics. I believe in being dedicated and put in persistent efforts to encourage Indus University to thrive under my prudent guidance.

What is your philosophy of leadership? How would you describe your leadership style?

“Indus has been through quite a journey to its current state as a university”

Without compromising on the fundamental ethos, to shape the institute with futuristic ideologies demanded a stern, yet compassionate leadership. I am balancing these two aspects. I believe in the empowerment of every individual with the freedom to make decisions in a structured way. I welcome new ideas for flourishing, but at the same time, expect sincerity from people towards their work. If someone is not performing, then that person loses my respect. From getting the faculty and cultivating the correct orientation in them towards teaching, to managing a self-funded institute's finance, I have had to adorn many hats throughout the journey to make Indus University what it is today. And I take a lot of pride in that. 

“Mastery over core subjects with an awareness of its relation to the Indic roots ensures that our student stands out confidently on an international platform. The global exposure offered to the students through various excursions has enabled them to initiate their start-ups at the end of their academic career.” 

How does your curriculum ensure the best practice of industry?

“We ensure all our students grow individually as well as take the institution’s reputation ahead”

We are a niche University offering education in various branches while focusing on developing an Indian student into a globally relevant task force member and probable leader. To ensure industry relevance, we are always in touch with the industry, observing its trends and requirements, and updating and adapting our curriculum.

With smart classrooms and an extensive library for vast theoretical understanding, and laboratories with modern-day technology and an upcoming Centre of excellence for in-depth practical knowledge, Indus leaves no stone unturned. Participation in various competitions such as BAJA for automobile students, we try to give it our all to make sure that our students stand out. We also enable our students to understand the practical implementation of their education through industry visits, and training and workshops by industry experts each semester. All our faculty members have a strong orientation towards research, and most of them hold their Ph.D’s. However, what makes them relevant is their inclination towards teaching and the focus on students. 

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What do you think should be the University’s top priority over the next 10 years?

“For us, the aim shall always remain to corroborate student build-out”

With reformations across the education sector, the coming years will be challenging and demand extensive flexibility on the part of education institutions, especially private education institutes. We intend to initiate a lot more new subject options for our students. Now that the relevance of degree is subdued and developing transferable skills is of paramount importance, we intend to offer our students relevant subject options and vocational training along with formal degree qualifications. As India paves its path towards becoming a self-dependent economy, we want to aid this nation by providing it with a pertinent task force. 

“Realizing that bookish knowledge can only get an individual restricted growth, we have strived continuously to combine concepts with pragmatism. With such staggering achievements, we only aim to move higher by getting further international collaboration and keeping our students at our organization's heart.”

What do you see as your college’s greatest strengths?

“The diversity in our curriculum and the exposure in multi-dimensional learning forms our strength”

We have an advantage on the infrastructural front within educational requirements, with excellent infrastructure already in place and scope for further development. Our Center for Excellence (CoE) is expected to be our biggest strength. Also, being home to various study fields, our students have an excellent opportunity for cross-field education and understanding. We afford all possible options for every student without discrimination. We award scholarships and financial aid to students from a relatively weaker section of the society. Acute care is taken that no student loses time. 

What are some of the biggest challenges you see, both for higher education in general and for Indus University specifically?

“The education system is student-oriented; however, one has to be vigilant that the system is not misused”

From getting the faculty and cultivating the correct orientation towards teaching to managing a self-funded institute's finance, these are only the tip of an iceberg when it comes to mentioning the challenges faced by higher education institutes. With education being commercialized and institutes mushrooming, maintaining a qualitative force of academicians is one major challenge. Apart from that, being self-funded and providing facilities to enable the current generation for the required academic experience within the government's financial boundaries has proven to be a challenge.

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How do you tend to establish a healthy relation and environment in your institute/ university?

“To prepare students for a better future is my goal”

My role is to provide a vision for the students' better future, which ultimately reflects in the making of a strong nation. I am committed to ensuring that every member of the Indus family is content and happy. As simple as it seems, implementing this becomes a demanding ambition. We are continually making efforts to cultivate a robust value system and reiterate our staff and our students' ethos. Maintaining mutual respect has firmly been ingrained across the organizational hierarchy.