Interview by Yash Panchal

Prof. Anil Tomar is currently serving as the Deputy Provost at Rai University. He did his graduation (B.Com) from University of Delhi and MBA in Marketing from Dr. C.V. Raman University. He has more than 10 years of working experience. Prior to Rai University, Prof. Tomar has worked at Bangalore School of Business as General Manager – Marketing, Sales, Branding, Promotion and as AGM- Marketing. He has also worked as Assistant Manager at Rai Foundation.

Prof. Tomar’s responsibilities include facilitating recruitment of students, designing the revenue and model, product designing and product positioning, managing the implementation of sales and marketing plan, identifying potential business ventures maintaining business relations with current and prospective business associates, etc.

Prof. Tomar’s experience in the education industry and what makes it the best one to work in

Education in a real sense is a quest for truth. This is an unending journey towards knowledge and enlightenment. This journey opens up new avenues for development of the mankind and limits the role of negative emotions like envy, hatred, animosity, and narrow-mindedness. It also inculcates and increases the sense of pride and self-respect if every individual fully understands the basic realities of education and accepts it as a way of life then it is sure the world would become a better place of habitat. It would not be out of place to mention that it works as a foundation stone of happy, prosperous and strong nation.

It is, therefore, our responsibility to create an environment conducive to learning. That will not only give economic self-reliance but will also lead to moral and intellectual upliftment of the society.

Prof. Tomar on how he ensures that outstanding teaching and learning practices are embedded across your university

The number one priority for any head of the department should be to ensure that there is excellent teaching in each and every classroom, thereby creating the culture and ethos for outstanding learning to take place.

Opportunities need to be created for staff to share great practice, peer observes, coach each other and build libraries of resources and strategies to inspire others.

Leadership style of Mr. Tomar and how he makes himself available to the students

Leadership, especially the participative leadership is one of the most important aspects of professional life. Student’s queries can be resolved from the ground level. A mentor is the person who handles the issues related to academics. We have grievance committee for maintaining the discipline. Deputy Provost is closely associated with the committees and listen both the parties carefully. Students can meet the Dy. Provost after the approval from the academic head.

How Rai University stands apart from the rest

At Rai University, the idea of success would be beyond grades and high scores since we help students to discover their various facets and attain true potential. Several Vocational & Add-on programs conducted at RU will further enhance your zeal to stand up neck above others with the quest for additional knowledge in your particular domain.

The University campus gives access to an on-campus living and learning environment that features IT-enabled classrooms & lecture theatres, well-furnished laboratories & library, cafeteria, research center, comfortable lounges and separate hostels for boys & girls. Our objective & mission is to provide maximum opportunities to students so that RU graduates are prepared and marketable to face the challenges of the real world, ensuring their personal as well as financial growth.

Prof. Tomar on the changes incurred in the university’s curriculum to make sure the students are well versed with the best industry practices

Special emphasis is laid on academics & co-curricular activities on honing the students’ leadership skills and entrepreneurial capabilities with a concerted approach towards solving complex business challenges. It is our firm belief that value-based learning at RU has far greater relevance in a dynamic and ever-changing work environment.

We ensure this through an easy accessibility to faculty guidance & support, a caring & nurturing academic milieu. Rai University propagates the culture of openness, mutual trust and faith set within the backdrop of its mission to demonstrate an unconditional commitment to learning.

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Growth of students through placement opportunities available at Rai University, Ahmedabad

Training and Placement department is dedicated towards proper placement of students. It advices students on career options and provides the latest information on training & employment opportunities. Rai University has consistently maintained an excellent recruitment record.

The graduates and postgraduates have been recruited by leading corporate like ACC Ltd., Idea, Honda, Canon, Cadila Pharma, Arvind Mills, HCL, Adani, Wipro, etc. This has been the main attraction for students to opt for Rai University as the unique and prime choice during the admissions in the state.

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Challenges faced by Prof. Tomar

The major challenge that the system is facing as of now is the reluctance of students to attend the classes. The most potent remedy would be to inculcate the belief in the mind of the students that college is not just a place to earn a degree but gain knowledge they can apply to their day to day life.

Prof. Tomar on how he has assessed and used that assessment in the effectiveness of teaching and learning in Rai University, Ahmedabad

The academic system of an educational institution forms the backbone of quality in academic delivery. It is not only the quality but also the fulfillment of the learning needs and aspirations of the students to empower them to compete in the global market are of greatest significance. In keeping with the needs of multi-skilling and broad-based knowledge along with the development of core competence, we at Rai University have adopted an academic system, which not only meets global standards but is committed to preparing global citizens.

Strategies in mind for Rai University for the next few years

Beyond the next few years, however, we should plan for growth, since our re-positioned high quality, technology, job-based courses and high graduate employability will be attractive to growing home student markets. Faculties have been encouraged to develop aspirational plans that will drive the University forward, and this has been welcomed.

It is important that as we seek to grow our student and staff numbers and to improve our areas of academic strength and services, we are also reviewing the way we do things to ensure that we are providing efficient and modern services, and experiences, both in the classroom and more widely across the University.

Rai University is looking forward with great enthusiasm for further developments in Skill programs, Industrial and International Collaborations, Digitization and Modernization, Innovation and on improving its national and international Ranking. It is committed to automation, faculty and staff recruitment, infrastructure development and social outreach in upcoming years.

Message for the aspiring youth

“We cannot always build the future for your youth, but we can build our youth for the future” - Franklin D. Roosevelt.

We extend support to the youth of the nation with a customized effort to nurture the abilities to the competence levels and build a strong skillful and talented nation to bridge the gaps of Indian and Global markets. Soft Skills are gaining importance in the job market as these are highly valued by employers and contribute to greater productivity. While in-depth knowledge and industry expertise is essential, proficiency in English, interpersonal skills as well as problem solving and other managerial skills that enable people to work with colleagues across the globe and manage all kinds of diverse situations are important too, as graduates and young adults all over the world face challenges when they leave the campus.

Punctuality and hard work are the biggest virtues and milestones to success. However, they don’t come on their own. Set them a target and once they achieve it, they may get a reward of their choice.