The Institute of Hazrat Mohammad (SAW) in collaboration with Knowledge Steez of India and Daffodil International University organized the Summer School on Human Rights 2018 from July 1-5, 2018. Learning organizations LexOration and BOLD joined the initiative as partners. The event took place in the Daffodil University's Dhanmondi Campus. The main motto of the International Summer School was to uphold the significance of human rights and humanity irrespective of caste, creed or religion. It provided a platform for delegates from different countries to learn about human rights. It also provided an international exposure in the field of human rights, CSR, social problems, climate governance & refugee protection.

Assistant Professors from GD Goenka University get an invitation as instructors for Summer School

Ms. Mrinalini Banerjee and Mr. Pankaj Avasthi, Assistant Professor from School of Law, G.D. Goenka University were invited as instructors for this Summer School. Ms. Banerjee took the 8th session, where she discussed human rights in business. She gave the participants a case study on the Rana Plaza Tragedy. Mr. Pankaj Avasthi took the 10th and he delivered a comparative analysis of Hindu Law and Muslim Law on matters concerning human rights.