Journalism is a holistic approach to attain accurate information in this developing era of internet, where the entire world has the access to the whole kit and caboodle. A journalist plays a crucial role, in the development of a nation as they inform, enlighten and educate people about the happenings around them. Journalists hold the accountability to present the news in a manner that it is pragmatic, enlightening and also stimulating.

The field of journalism encompasses a variety of careers related to the dissemination of information. The key responsibility of a journalist is to be involved in gathering information for public consumption. They may work as researchers, reporters, and write out of the ordinary topics, or they may work on the business side of journalism by gaining positions like editors and publishers. Graduates of journalism programs work for both print and electronic media. These days, journalism as a career is not just a prestigious profession but also a trial to filter the truth in an articulate manner.

In Manav Rachna, a degree in Journalism offers a comprehensive educational program.  Here, the courses in journalism are built on basic and advanced composition skills, as well as all types of communications.  Journalism courses do not always revolve around the latest fads, but also focus on the fundamentals of journalism such as critical thinking, proper English and grammar, good writing skills, and excellent interviewing skills.

Manav Rachna International Institute of Research and Studies offers:


BA (Journalism and Mass Communication) is an all-round course to impart knowledge about Print as well as Electronic media. This course structure imparts current technology trends, innovations in journalism and up-to-date workflows for news television. It also strives to give practical knowledge through regular workshops to its students so that they can stand in the field on their own. These workshops include reporting, anchoring, breaking news, news production and the role of a producer, different departments of a news channel, writing for television news, the newsroom scenario, operations – live PCR / camera/ editing / technical overview of modern television newsrooms and Digital Media.


This course is divided into 4 semesters and offers extensive knowledge about the subject and offers State of Art infrastructure, Regular tours inside and outside Delhi/NCR, Industry Visits, Documentary film festivals, Short film festivals, Photography Competition, Research: Surveys, Case study projects, Regular Conferences and Seminar on media-related topics, Regular Panel Discussion and News Reading sessions. The program aims at imparting a balanced knowledge of practical as well as theoretical fields of the industry along with the research works.


This course is pioneering, and it is specifically aimed towards today's business environment. In this program, the creativity of the students are reinvigorated and expertly directed by the best faculty in the industry. The students get an opportunity to explore strategic, operational, and psychological aspects of Advertising, Fundamentals of Marketing, Public Relations (PR), Corporate Communication, Branding, Consumer Behavior, Media Planning, and Campaign Planning. After the completion of one year Post Graduate Diploma Course in Advertising & Public Relations, the students are eligible for placements in Advertising and Public Relations industry in the numerous verticals.