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Dr. Harcharan Singh Dhaliwal is the Vice- Chancellor of Eternal University. He completed his B. Sc. (Hons) Agriculture from Panjab University Chandigarh with a scholarship from ICAR, New Delhi. He obtained his M.Sc.(Hons.) Plant Breeding from PAU, Luhdiana in 1969. After three years of service in PAU, Ludhiana he joined University of California, Riverside and Research Assistant and got his Ph. D. Genetics in 1975. After his D F Jones post-doctoral fellow at UCR he joined Friedrich Miescher Institute, Basel, Switzerland to develop an In Vitro plant cell biology group. He returned back to PAU as Wheat Breeder and Director, RRS, Gurdaspur in 1979, promoted as Senior Wheat Breeder and Associate Director Research in 1985. He developed one of the first Plant Biotechnology Centre in India at PAU, Ludhiana and joined and worked as its founder director and professor biotechnology till 2003. During this service he went to work as visiting professor and scientist in many advanced laboratories in Japan, USA, Australia, Israel and Mexico to keep pace with the latest development on biotechnology After his retirement he moved to Indian Institute of Technology, Roorkee as a Distinguished Professor Biotechnology where he led a group on bio-fortification of wheat for high grain iron and zinc content to alleviate the wide spread hidden hunger in developing countries. After his retirement from IIT, Roorkee in 2011, he joined the Eternal University, Baru Sahib as Professor Biotechnology and then its Vice Chancellor for the last seven years.

Higher education is absolutely essential for the transformation of the youth for their holistic development

After my Ph. D. from the University of California, USA, and post-doctoral fellowships in University California and Friedrich Miescher Institute, Basel, Switzerland, I have been very actively associated with the prestigious public and private higher education institutions in India for more than forty years. Even after my formal superannuation from the Indian Institute of Technology, Roorkee, I find that the transmission of quality higher education is very interesting and challenging. Higher education is absolutely essential for the transformation of the youth for their holistic development capable of knowledge and technology generation, and their judicious utilization for global development with sustainable use of all the natural resources. The commitment of providing quality higher education in all the developed countries with close association with industry is the main reason for their inclusive development and staying ahead all the time. However, the participation of the industry in providing quality higher education in India is very poor. In a relatively young private residential Eternal University exclusively for the girl students, we are committed and are providing all the avenues for quality higher education for the holistic development of the young talent. 

The leader should be smart enough to identify the best talent for sharing the diverse responsibilities to run an organization

The efficient and effective functioning of an organization is through teamwork. This can be brought in action when mentored and monitored by a leader with commitment, devotion, and servitude through the division of labour rather than through bossism and dictatorship. The leader should be smart enough to identify the best talent for sharing the diverse responsibilities to run an organization, groom, promote and encourage the same for outstanding performance as the team workers with strict accountability. The leader such as the Chancellor or Vice Chancellor in a university should be a role model for the faculty, staff, students and other stake holders. Hon’ble Baba Iqbal Singh, Retired Director Agriculture, Himachal Pradesh, President of Kalgidhar Trust and the Chancellor of Eternal University is the role model for our faculty, staff and students for running the two universities, 130 Akal Academies in six northern states of India for providing the value based education amalgamated with spiritual rejuvenation.

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The foreign countries are attracting Indian students to their universities because of their quality research work

The quality of secondary education in many developed countries including the USA, Canada, Australia, and the UK has improved considerably with a very high level of HEIs and gross enrolement rate. Hence, I do not find any opportunity of attracting foreign students, rather the majority of our 10+2 pass outs are going abroad for diplomas and degrees. Even countries like China, Malaysia, and Bangladesh are attracting Indian students in professional courses. I look forward to bring-in some postgraduate students from foreign universities who could take up their research work on the regional thrust areas and research gaps, in collaboration with us. We would also look forward to a similar opportunity for our students in universities abroad. 

The curriculum is regularly revised in accordance to the latest developments, industrial requirements and global placement opportunities 

The Eternal University, recently accredited by NAAC, is offering more than 60 UG to Ph.D programmes in basic and applied sciences, engineering & technology, agriculture, biotechnology, food technology, nursing, economics, commerce, management, music and arts etc. through its seven constituent colleges which are duly recognized by UGC, AICTE, NCTE, INC and DSIR etc. The course curriculums are regularly revised while keeping in view the latest developments, industrial requirements and global placement opportunities. There is ample provision of Choice Based Credit System in all the professional courses on the pattern of foreign universities for ensuring diverse training, career goals and adjustment of students in India and abroad. All the students in professional courses are encouraged and helped to spend six months to a year in industry for their project work, training, certification and placement. With the establishment of excellent ICT facilities the staff and students have been trained to take up MOOCs and SWYAM courses in the area of their career goals and interest for which, they are given the due credit. 

The major responsibility of the team is to attract great talent and nourish them in the modern gurukul

The major responsibility of my team is to attract good talent, make them comfortable in the modern gurukul, impart high quality value based education ensuring their holistic development, integrity and training capable of accepting any real challenge to serve the mankind with love and passion. This has been possible through recruiting and retaining the best faculty for a residential campus of Eternal University. We have well established laboratories to take up research; also the faculty is focussed and work closely with the students to take the university to academic excellence. With the access to digital teaching and learning approaches the faculty and students are encouraged to explore and take up additional avenues for their further development and training for collaborative research, consultancy, training, transfer of technology and placement. We are also strengthening our Alumni Association for sharing our vision with them and getting our alumni to help us in taking their alma mater to its academic excellence.

The faculty should be committed, trained and involved in providing valuable research work 

The committed manpower of faculty and research scholars of any university should be properly oriented, trained and actively involved in taking up research work. On the local thrust areas and research gaps, for ensuring good food, nutrition, health and economic securities and development of the region with sustainable use of natural resources. We are working and hoping to get good industry-university interaction for collaborative research on our important leads for their scale up and commercialization to make our institution a residential campus an outstanding research institution. With the establishment of proposed Atal Community Innovation Centre at the campus the faculty and students will be taking up more systematic team work on the crucial thrust areas for the regional development.

There is a poor quality hands-on training and industrial readiness which results in vague placement records

Due to limited concern and participation of Indian industry in higher education, there is a poor quality hands-on training and industrial readiness of the graduates. This results in extremely poor, low paid, and temporary placement. As a result, maximum proportion of 10+2 pass-outs and graduate move to foreign countries for diplomas, employment and PRs. Many colleges and some universities are facing their closures due to lack of admission and in most of the universities in states without good regulation, the admission is ensured through consultants without much commitment to quality education with human values. 

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The aspiring students must keep track of the rapid development of technology 

The aspiring students must keep track of the rapid development of technology. and decide their career goals themselves. They should look for the institutions capable of their hand holding. It seems that vast majority of the students are guided by their parents, friends and unscrupulous consultants to pursue their higher education in the so called outstanding private universities, which fail to fulfill their career goals. There is no short-cut to success and substitute for hard work. This is an age of specialization, and hence the necessity to work in a team with commitment and transparency to accomplish any challenging task. They should be inclined towards entrepreneurial type of training to create jobs rather than seeking a job. Once you decide to take up a project never get discouraged with temporary failures. Learn lessons from yours and others failures and experience and re-orient you efforts and approaches to finish it successfully.