Interview by Kritika Gupta

Shoolini University

Prof. Atul Khosla is designated as the Pro Vice-Chancellor and Co-Founder of Shoolini University. He has more than 10 years of experience in the education sector. He left his corporate job at Oliver Wyman to pursue his dream of giving back to the community by building a world-class university - Shoolini University. The institution is India’s leading research centric not-for-profit private university. His education qualification includes B.Tech from IIT Kanpur and an MBA from Jamnalal Bajaj Institute of Management Studies.

With an exclusive interview with, Mr. Khosla shares his views on the education industry and talks about his dream come true University.

Mr. Khosla’s view on Shoolini University’s position in NIRF 2019 rankings

Shoolini University has fared extremely well at the NIRF 2019 in which over 4000 institutions from across the country had participated. To have a top position among every category we competed - overall, management, and pharmacy - is very exciting and humbling.

The NIRF is the most genuine and reliable ranking system for universities and higher education institutes in India. Our country has the third highest number of universities/ colleges/ institutes in the world (over 50,000), many of which are over 50 years old. When it comes to NIRF, the competition is very tough and a position in the National Institutional Ranking Framework indicates top quality and innovation standard of the education institution.

We have emerged as one of North India’s top universities in a very short period of time. This shows that our model is clearly delivering and is being recognised.

What makes Shoolini University stand out

Shoolini is unique. We are one of the very few universities founded by a renowned academician. No wonder - we bring in a unique blend of learning and fun. We bring top quality education in an inspiring environment. Programmes such as SPRINT make students globally employable.

There is no better learning than learning from the gurus. The faculty at Shoolini is handpicked and the very best, and many are alumni from IITs, IIMs, Oxford, Berkeley etc. We have adopted latest pedagogy such as eUNIV, writing seminars and open electives to make our students world beaters. We have over 180 global alliances for students to undertake global exchange programmes.

At Shoolini, we believe every student has the potential to become the very best and encourage each to pursue the path of innovation. It does not surprise me that with 187 patents, mostly by students, Shoolini overtook IIT Madras as India’s top patent filer in 2019.

Shoolini students also have fun. After all, learning should never stop. Think Learning. Think success. Think Shoolini.

USP of Shoolini University

Shoolini’s research and innovation led model. And our desire to see happy and successful students.

I believe that Universities need to be in the frontiers of knowledge and drive innovation in everything they do. Unfortunately, few Indian universities are failing to follow this path. At Shoolini, we believe that innovation and research are the starting points of learning. Our aim is to imbed research skills into every student. And this approach makes our university very different and unique, and our students among the very best in the country and globally.

We have had so many student successes - alumni in top US universities such as Stanford, employment in MNCs such as Unilever, entrepreneurs, over 500 patent filers, and most importantly happy and smiling students.

Recommended and Popular courses in Shoolini University

Shoolini is a multi-disciplinary University by design. We believe that students should not only learn along areas of their specialisation but also other areas that might interest them. For example, a student of computer science can get a minor in music if she has the passion and desire.

Shoolini offers programmes from undergraduate to PhD in engineering, computers, biotechnology, management, business, food technology, sciences, law, hotel management, liberal arts, yoga, mass communication and many others. All these programs are extremely popular and students from 26 states of India and 7 different countries are studying at Shoolini. I must specifically mention Yoga and Journalism as two very unique programs offered at our institution.

Steps taken for students and faculty to meet the industry requirements

Learning has limited value if it is not relevant. All programmes need to make students good human beings and employable. And this is what Shoolini strives to do - especially in our attempt to bring industry to Shoolini.

We make sure to hold various guest lectures by experts from the industry for the students and faculty. We have a host of alliances with top Indian industry. The students have to undergo industry driven projects. In terms of practical exposure, visits to the industry are conducted on a regular basis. Many students work with industry on real consultancy projects.

And lastly, we are supervised and advised by CEOs of top Indian and global companies through Shoolini’s Global Advisory Board - luminaries such as Mr Keki Dadiseth, ex-Chairman Unilever are members of this board.

Major strengthening factor of the university

Innovation and honesty!

We innovate in everything we do. From student curricula/ syllabi to the way we manage our infrastructure. To encouraging our students to file patents. Innovation gives us the ability to do more and create newer things.

In a world of increasing dishonesty, at Shoolini we are proud to pursue every action with utmost honesty and integrity. One of our missions is to be a role model for private university education in the country - and ‘honesty in everything we do’ is a key component of this mission. This is undoubtedly our biggest strength.

Future plans for Shoolini University

We plan to bring Shoolini in the top 200 global university by 2022. No Indian university, not even the IITs have this distinction. And we strongly believe we have the potential to do this. We are already India’s top research and innovation university. It is a matter of time that we will also achieve global recognition.

As we grow, we plan to introduce more innovative programmes to our students and faculty. With this, we plan on creating a better infrastructure, have a superior learning and most importantly, create better placement opportunities for our students.

Message to the outgoing class of Shoolini this year

Stay hungry. Stay foolish.

This is Steve Jobs very famous quote and I think very relevant even to India. It is very important that each of us maintain the hunger to succeed, no matter at whatever position we are on. And also stay foolish enough to keep on trying and experimenting with new ideas.

I will also add ‘stay happy’ to this so as to have a happy peppy success. And I have no doubt that each and every Shoolinian will have a beautiful and successful future in whatever they plan to pursue.

Message to the upcoming batch of Shoolini in 2019

I just want them to know and say it out loud,

Join the revolution. Join Shoolini. This will be the best decision of your life

Jai Hind!